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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Don't Say It

Here's a list of banned words from Lake Superior State University. Cliche' avoidance has been a recurring theme with me. It is easy to avoid the most obvious ones. If you're unsure of what they might be, it's almost anything uttered in a good deal of our country music. That list expands to rap and hip hop, fo' sho' and fo'shizzle. Anything heard on TV that is catchy is destined to become a cliche' by the end of the season. The Blog world is helping to speed up the evolution of cliche's.

I say evolution because all cliche's start out as freshly uttered cleverness, don't they? Then, through lack of any intelligent design, they are overused to the point of audio nausea. I hate it when I find I've used something that has become cliche' in record time. You try to use something that's pretty "with it" and find out by next week it's very "used to be," "totally yesterday," "like so last year."

Using the language today is a minefield. As opposed to say an improvised explosive device or IED.

My rule of tongue would be to avoid ANYthing that gets it's start on TV. You'd think that would be easy for me since I never turn the damn thing on, wouldn't you? But, sometimes, something catches my ear subliminally in reading or conversation. It slides out of my mouth or my fingertips later and I find out I've uttered something that is the opposite of "all new." Makes me want to tell my ears, "You're Fired!"

I try hard. I promise I do. I am completely comfortable with people telling me that I've used a cliche'. I wish there was an electronic listening device wired to my brain that warned me when I said or heard one. I am all about electronics, which I suppose is contrary to the perception of an acoustic guitar guy.

Seeing as Sharper Image has no such device being offered this Christmas, I am considering talking like a foreigner. Just to be different. I especially like to listen to Eastern Europeans. I have a good friend who is from "Czech Republic." That is never pronounced "The" Czech Republic. I love how they find personal pronouns and articles quite useless. I tend to agree and I think it would be charming if we all spoke like Latka Gravas from Taxi. And his mousey little girlfriend Simka. Yeah, I used to watch TV. Back in the Golden Years.

Besides, maybe if speaking in a heavy foreign accent became a cliche', it would encourage more Americans to speak good standard English. Many of our good citizens who came here from abroad (that would include nearly all our ancestors) struggle to learn our language and have done far far better than we would, put in that situation. Some of them speak better English than many natives. I have the deepest respect and admiration for them. If they need to rely on cliche's to get their meaning across while they are learning, that's perfectly acceptable. For the rest of us, though, we should classify cliche's as enemy combatants. Make it disappear in a secret unnamed dungeon far away from our vocal equipment.

And the Winner is...
The winner of last Friday's Name the Celebrity Body Parts Contest: Lips of Female Stars is 3T at Stumbling Through Life With Grace. 3T lives in Arizona and has been a blog buddy and big fan of mine for quite a few months. I love reading this lady. She has a very cool husband who contributes from time to time and it is a terrific treat to get an inside look at someone's other half. I hope you'll go over and read her if you haven't already. She has a special place in my heart. If Cathy and I get out to the Grand Canyon, 3T and Jade are two bloggers we have to arrange a meeting with.

Many thanks to all who participated and offered new ideas. There has been an outcry for boobs and butts. I think anything after that would be a bore so that will have to wait until the, uh, end. Hmm, are puns cliche's?

Finally today, Go to this link and see the most honest response to a question on personal beliefs I've seen yet in the blog world or anyplace, for that matter. I admire Bitchitude's guts. She's an incredibly strong, smart woman. She covered a lot more ground than I did in my song Underground.

posted by Bud @ 9:45 PM

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