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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just Sliding This One In Here

The video shoot went very well although I haven't seen any footage yet. Have to take Mark and Nancy's word for that. I will put some up here but have no idea when it'll be presentable. Thanks for all your good wishes. This is an unexpected post.

Back from Orlando where we spent a fantastic few days with my daughter and son-in-law at Discovery Cove and Sea World. I'd love to show you the pictures of me kissing a dolphin on the lips or me riding a dolphin or me making a dolphin do flips. But that part of the trip is photographed by the good people at Budweiser Beer. They are benevolent enough to give the world the King of Beers and to run amazing animal parks like this but not benevolent enough to let us have the photos for under $100 or more. Depending on how many you want, and in what form. We passed. The trip already cost us quite a bit. We flew the kids down here from NY too. So the shake down for the photos seems obscenely expensive.

dolphin day 3 But Cathy did manage the following photos. My daughter, Bree, and I stood in a lagoon and hand fed sting rays fish heads. These creatures are harmless and nuzzled us like hungry puppies. We could pet them. It was very unexpected.

dolphin day 1 The aviary was full of colorful and amazingly tame birds that I could not name because they all come from places onlyD-man is familiar with. Many birds sat on me and ate from my hand and nuzzled. I was not anointed by the holy ghost or his non-dove cousins even once. I have no idea what these bird are. They are a few of many that used me as a lunch counter. I know some people would be freaked by birds landing on them. I felt like Uncle friggin' Remus in the Disney classic Song of the South.

dolphin day 4

False Killer Whales are enormous as you can see here. The name amuses me. How'd you like to be referred to as a false human? Even a false (insert the occupation of your choice here) would be such a debilitating label. They'd have to have an anti defamation league just for you.

dolphin day 6False killer Whales can also fly, as you can see here. They were perfectly well behaved at Sea World but I would not go kayaking in a False Killer Whale habitat. The word "false" doesn't refer to the killer aspect of their name. They are as big as small submarines. With teeth.

dolphin day 7

Here's an Ibis that used a more conventional lunch counter. These birds are extremely common here. Like pigeons. Only pretty. It's one of the things I like best about living in Florida. We have the most aristocratic birds. And any bird that's really cool up north, winters here.

We spent our evenings in Downtown Disney . Ate at "House of Blues one night and Bongos Cafe, a cuban place the next. Just had fun people watching. You don't have to pay to get into Downtown Disney. They get your money in other creative ways.

So I got back in time to do a benefit gig this morning at a street fair. Took a long nap. Put this thing together and I'll spend the next couple of days working off the vacation fat to get ready for the next rip to San Jose/San Francisco on Thursday. We have a little side trip to Carmel in there too. Any of you folks gonna be around? We only have a few free hours on December 24 in San Francisco.

I didn't think I'd get time to post this. Don't' know when I'll post or even read again. Have a fantastic holiday! Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. If there really is anybody who celebrates Kwanzaa, groove on that too. I just don't know of anybody who does. Oh, yeah, happy solstice too. Whatever you get off on, enjoy it and chill out on all this PC crap, okay?

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