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Friday, December 02, 2005

Presenting Celebrity Body Parts, Gimme Some Lip

This blog was apparently down for the better part of two days. Blogger, by the way is NO help in solving problems. The crash was spontaneous and did not involve any interaction from me. Those of you who get irritated by customer service or tech service people based in India need to consider the alternative. I'd rather chat with an amiable accented due or dudette in Bombay that try to find the the secret code for some computer help line to actually respond correctly.

Anyway, my son, Jason, suggested that forward my e-mail from this site to a G-mail account. That worked. And I just decided to republish this blog to see if that would cure it's total loss of identity when it became a blank white page for two days. We're up and running. Until the next crisis.

So before I inaugurate the weekly quiz, Celebrity Body Parts, I want to alert you to Jason's new video blog. I wish he were on the east coast and not free lancing his ass off in San Francisco so he could shoot MY video in two weeks. Check him out.

Secondly, I'll repeat my Christmas CD offer here. Response has been good. I can still get your CD's out before Christmas if you e-mail me details within a week or two.
I need to raise more money for the production of my next CD which I hope to start seriously recording as soon as the busy season ends here around April. So I'm putting my CD, Feel My Love, up for sale. Many of my long term readers already own it. I'm offering it to everybody now for $10 with free shipping. Until Christmas. That's a $4 saving. I'll autograph every CD if you e-mail me instructions. You can use this as a gift. I HOPE you'll use it as a gift. I'm gonna repeat this offer daily but I don't have time to redesign the buy page just yet. So e-mail me,, and I'll give you a mailing address for you to send a check.

Special offer for those who already bought one: I'll sell you a second one for $9. Free postage. Again, think gift.

If you're new to the site, you can hear samples by clicking the banner at the top of this page.

Gimme Some Lip

Today's theme is male singer songwriters. Go figure. Enter your answers in the comment section. THE MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWERS SPELLS OUT A PHRASE. SO JUST ENTER THE PHRASE. If you don't follow that direction, I will refer you to a computer at a large technology firm who will send you every bit of bad information it can conjure up on how to remove your own spleen. The phrase may be abbreviated with some words left out. I just want to see if that's too hard or not. The essence of the meaning is still there. The first blogger who gets the answers all right will get a good humping on this blog for a week. That is, I'll plug (hump) your blog in glowing terms.

A David Bowie
L Bono
U John Lennon
N Sonny Bono

A Bud Buckley
O Dave Grohl
D Kenny Loggins
E Eric Clapton

T Ozzie
U Nick Drake
S John Bon Jovi
W Jason Mraz

N John Lennon
G James Taylor
T Dave Matthews
I Harry Nilson

I Chris Carrabba
O John Lennon
M Dave Matthews
T Steve Howe

B Paul McCartney
F John Rzeznik
N Chris Carrabba
M Paul Simon

Y Paul McCartney
A Sugar Ray
E John Mayer
T Jakob Dylan

P John Mayer
L Paul Simon
I Sugar Ray
E Jakob Dylan

G Chris Carrabba
N Dave Matthews
U Steve Howe
I John Rzeznik

MayerlipsO John Mayer
S John Rzeznik
T Jason Mraz
G John Bon Jovi

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