Saturday, April 30, 2005

Obsessed With Cliche' Avoidance

Marjo is always asking so here's how I begin working on songs and where I am so far with new lyrics for new situations. I started noting immediately after my high school reunion. Remember, I've established that I'm 26 or 23 since the last time I took the test. Only the age of my classmates is relevant.

My notes contained a chronological account with some semi poetic images. I had to dig a few paragraphs down to find the lead of the song. It was the entrance bulletin board with photos of my classmates who had died. That's a good start because it creates tension and expectation in line one. So it might open like this:

First faces I see are those of the dead
They haunt us midway through drink two
Fear of death's a sure path to fun instead
Kisses for those we never really knew

Those four lines cover a lot of ground; five pages of notes.

The chorus is still under consideration as well as the rest but it will most likely include the line, "Damn, we were young just the other day" and/or "Damn we were all babies not that long ago."
I don't like coming up with rhymes for "day" and "ago." It's too close to cliche' land. Lois Lane and Kat are urging me not to worry about such things but as I said to Lois I'd rather create a new cliche' than use an existing one. It's just my obsession. Can't hurt, can it?

I have a bunch of images and phrases I want to weave together for the rest of this song. But I promised I'd show you my thinking so far.

There is nothing like live performing to fine tune a song. Collaboration works well too. Helen Avakian completely rearranged Stargazer in one rehearsal take and Kathy Feeney who wrote the lyric loved it as did the crowd. Helen's Harmonies on Windswept Girl also gave me ideas on how to perform it next time. Which is tonight. Kathy also had some insightful comments on my performance of her new lyric Open Shore, which I'll post another time soon. Playing off the crowd and noting reactions is priceless information. I should record everything but just can't lug any more equipment.

Tomorrow I'll try to address another lyric in the making from my cousins' reunion. Soon I'll post some pics and some sounds. Still trying to catch up.

Okay, this is the last day you can buy a CD and have it go to the music scholarship I'm initiating. Confused? Check out previous posts.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Amusing Diversions Plus Addendum

This meme that DB a Corporate Crap is strong-arming me to complete reminds me of that old song: "If I were a carpenter and you were a lady, would you marry me anyway? Would you have my baby?" So to avoid that sort of thing, I give you the meme which you are encouraged by some to complete and send to other Bloggers. I'll only answer the ones that spark an idea. Bad as it might be.

Choose your poison...
If I could be a scientist...I'd invent pet food that evaporated odorlessly as soon as it left the, uh, body of the pet.
If I could be a farmer...I'd be broke and trying to sell out to General Foods or somebody.
If I could be a musician...Is this a trick question?
If I could be a doctor...I'd learn how to listen first. I'd also be on time.
If I could be a painter...I'd be a very poor man. I'd rather starve than paint.
If I could be a gardener...I'd hire somebody else to do it .
If I could be a missionary...I'd tell all the natives that the last missionaries were just kidding and that they could do it in any position they wanted.
If I could be a chef...I'd have to have my stomach stapled. My self control is only good in the absence of food.
If I could be an architect...boring
If I could be a linguist...I'd be very cunning
If I could be a psychologist...I'd get paid more than I did as a teacher for doing the same work times 30.
If I could be a librarian...I'd make house calls.
If I could be an athlete...I'd try to remember that playing games is for fun.
If I could be a lawyer...I'd be the butt of even more jokes.
If I could be an inn-keeper...I wouldn't keep anyone out.
If I could be a professor...Hmm, been there, done that.
If I could be a writer...another trick question, right?
If I could be a llama-rider...I'd have to be on I V antihistamines
If I could be a bonnie pirate...A bonnie pirate? Can't I just be a pirate who kicks ass?
If I could be an astronaut...I'd have to find a way to keep from barfing.
If I could be a world famous Blogger...I wouldn't have time to eat or sleep or play music. Screw that.
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world...I'd be on the one that tries the winners.
If I could be married to any current famous political figure...That sounds too much like bestiality.

Okay I'll try to choose one to write a lyric about but I don't have high hopes here. What rhymes with llama rider, anyway? Palm beside her? Palm inside her. Psalm to bind her? Calm a blind turd? I could be the new Dr. Seuss.

Oh yeah, ADDENDUM: DB tells me I now have to Tag three Bloggers to get them to do this. You only need to answer 5 of them. I am such an over achiever. Then tag three other Bloggers.
So I'm tagging Amyiee, Ben the Curator and Lois Lane. Have fun or please accept my apologies. The list:

Choose your poison...
If I could be a scientist...
If I could be a farmer...
If I could be a musicician...
If I could be a doctor...
If I could be a painter...
If I could be a gardener...
If I could be a missionary...
If I could be a chef...
If I could be an architect...
If I could be a linguist...
If I could be a psychologist...
If I could be a librarian...
If I could be an athlete...
If I could be a lawyer...
If I could be an inn-keeper...
If I could be a professor...
If I could be a writer...
If I could be a llama-rider...
If I could be a bonnie pirate...
If I could be an astronaut...
If I could be a world famous Blog...
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world...
If I could be married to any current famous political figure...

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where Can I Score Some More Endorphins?

Thirty-five hundred miles. Fourteen days. Seven different beds. Countless memories. Possibly a few new lyrics. That's a brief summary of my trip to NY and back.

I learned that there is nothing quite like playing for an audience who loves you. My endorphin rush is still active five days after the last gig. I can't understand why it isn't sold alongside hallucinogens.

My old friends in the teachers union worked hard to get the job done. Maureen Creeden who retired with my wife and I, did the bulk of the work. She hasn't lost a step of her organizing know how and drive.

My son-in-law Josh Peni expertly provided percussion and took a day off to rehearse with me. Josh will be on my next CD. Certainly Helen Avakian will have a heavy hand in the next project as well. Kathy Feeney will continue to cowrite with me even as she studies astronomy at Swarthmore College next Fall.

The night at the Cubbyhole was also gratifying because one of my former guitar students, Riston Benson, performed three of her own songs to open the night for us. She's a very gifted seventeen year old singer/songwriter. She's a terrific talent and pretty as can be. I was falling-down proud of her. Another high school student, Marshall Hughes, joined Riston and later me on percussion. He's heading to the Crane School of Music and showed why as he just figured out what to do with songs he never played before. His instrument is bass clarinet, not drums but he showed what music majors do.

Many of my former students were there. We made enough money to finance this year's scholarship and as sales are still going on, we may make enough to have two smaller scholarships split over two years. That is still to be decided as sales come in. Anybody out there in Blog Land can still help by purchasing a CD in the month of April. All proceeds go to the fund. Same with my merchandise.

As far as writing goes, I discovered how hard it is to avoid cliche's when you are excited. The energy level works well to get something down but one must not be too attached to the words as they are likely to be of the post Superbowl variety. I scribbled down some rough ideas for lyrics and will post some work in progress soon. I'm thinking about sending a bunch of recent lyrics that I haven't set to music to Helen. If she's not too jammed up to work on them and they are to her liking, we may have our first Avakian/Buckley collaboration.

I'll post some ideas tomorrow. Stay tuned. Buy CD's.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Road Trip Progress Report

Last night's benefit gig at the Cubbyhole Coffee House in Poughkeepsie, NY was the most legal fun I've had in recent memory. The good news is that we raised enough money for the first year of this music scholarship. There is no bad news unless we have a car wreck on the way home. We're leaving as soon as we finish packing this morning.

Two nights ago we did the first concert at IronWood Grille in Hyde Park, NY. Mostly for faculty I used to teach with. Most of them had never seen me perform. As a musician, that is. They were used to me grandstanding as the PR director for the teachers union and as the newsletter editor/columnist. My good friend and first grade teacher colleague, Cathy Baker even wore a Bud Buckley, Feel My love, T-Shirt. It was rumored she also wore the thong but I was unsuccessful in my attempt to get her to prove it. All sales this month from my merchandise go to the scholarship fund. Click the button above right to have gander at what tasteful items could be yours. And for such a good cause.

Many of my fellow bloggers have bought CD's this past week which directly benefits the scholarship. You can still help out if you click my CD banner at the very top of this page. Offer expires May 1. Then I'm back to working for me again.

Details and lyrics about this whole trip are coming. I just wanted to say before we hit the road again that Working with my old guitar teacher, Helen Avakian, was the biggest thrill I've had as a musician. And that includes the time I got flashed in... Helen rearranged my song Stargazer, the words of which were written by my former student and muse Kathy Feeney. I wish I had recorded it that way. It occurred to me that I need to have Helen produce some songs for me. I'm astoundingly lucky to have her offer to do that and to write some songs with me. There will be a Bud Buckley/Helen Avakian collaboration. Please check out her site and listen to her MP3s and buy her CD, Vanishing Point. Do it for your sake, not for hers. She is a gifted artist and my best friend in the music business.

I need to mention the time and dedication my son-in-law Josh Peni put into this scholarship project. He beat his hands senseless backing me on congas. Using his personal time. He did an extraordinary job and I hope to have his percussion on my next CD.
There is much to write about and many many people to thank. Which I will do in the coming days. I expect to post again by Thursday.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pimp Hits the Road

I'm on the road and I'll stifle those words so as not to be plagued by a particular earworm. I'll be listening to some rough cuts of my 6 new songs most of the way up so as to actually memorize my own words. Have I mentioned how retarded I am about memorizing? It's my Sr. Mary Confusing complex.

If you don't already own my CD, I wish you would click my banner above and buy one to help finance this music scholarship I've started back in my old home town of Hyde Park, NY. I'll donate everything I make on CD's this month to the fund.

The money will go to a senior who is majoring in Music next year. I am not part of the selection committee. My old teacher's union, HPTA, is organizing the whole process. I think it's important to honor these music kids because my best kids were usually music kids. I also give a smaller award to a graduating fifth grader at my old school every year for the same reason. I want to keep these kids playing music as long as possible.

I hope other local musicians will follow this model and do the same in their communities.

I will also donate my profits from CDBABY sales this month and you can help that possibility by clicking here and writing a short review of my CD. Even if you don't buy, this could be a terrific aid in getting others to buy and support this effort. You can hear MP3 samples by clicking my banner above or at CDBaby when you get there.

I want to encourage all my readers to take a look at a few other musicians and artists. I'll only mention a few now and get to other very deserving bloggers on my Blogroll when I get back in late April. If you are not at all uptight about bad language and total irreverence for everything, I highly recommend checking out Dead Guy. If he is to your liking, I hope you will click his link to review his comic strip. He never fails to either make me spit my morning coffee on the screen or make me think of a half dozen "next frames." He is thought provoking. If you get it. If you don't, I hope you don't take offense. I support art in most forms. I don't necessarily like all art and I rarely if ever judge it. But art is important to our humanity.

Last Girl on Earth, is Deni Bonnet. She's a talented writer, songwriter and performer. Check her out, listen to her music, watch her videos. You won't be sorry. If she's selling something, buy it. Right after you buy my CD to help these music seniors.

Another very cool singer/songwriter is Queen Ester. I bought her CD and love it. You can hear it on CDBaby. While you're there, review mine, will, ya?

If you haven't signed on to Malicious Bitch yet, I think you won't be disappointed. It is run by Bitchitude and DB of Corporate Crap. Regular writers include our riotous Andy Martello, our movie CineBitch Becky, the April Fool, Jade of Jaded Sunburns who does music reviews, Marjo Moore who does the Serious Side of Bitch, just to name a few.

I'm off now. Maybe I'll sneak on-line from time to time. Support Music. Support Art.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yoga Under the Earth Harp

Yesterday's amazing yoga session under an earth harp has my mind and body spinning. And I'm not even gonna throw up. I'd do it again all week long if we weren't getting ready to leave here Thursday for the NY trip. Earth harp?
Right on Sarasota Bay there is this amazing Frank Lloyd Wright theater. It's purple and typically atypical. It's called Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and rhymes with "days till" not the slinky little rodent you might be thinking of. These people strung wires from the roof of this structure down to the bay, tuned them to an A minor scale and played them while we did yoga. The vibrations penetrating our bodies while we stretched and twisted and balanced and blissed out. It was close to orgasmic. I learned a lot about which notes of the scale resonate off of which chakra's. It may be a crock to some, of course, but it certainly deserves further investigation by the serious songwriter.

Anybody know a serious songwriter? Rim shot, please.

So many songs to write. So little time left from blogging.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Painless Song About Pain

I'll take it from where ever I can get it. Inspiration that is. My friend Aymiee at art-ificial ramblingsout in California, jumped on this chorus when I posted it as an after thought to something that happened during a gig I did last month. Go see Aymiee's illustration. Something about the urgency in her plea for me to finish the lyric started a fire. Maybe I'm just a sucker for whatever young ladies ask me to do. Whatever. I'm grateful for the push she gave me. It was painless. You can look back at March 27 to see where this idea came from. The music isn't written yet and won't be started until after I get back from NY. I hope you see some promise here.

Sing Through My Pain
Copyright 2005 by Bud Buckley

Java addled brain, coffee ground voice
I sing to a thinning crowd
She's there through the window, I can't hear through the noise
My own song's too deafening loud

She sings to me silently through a pane of glass
I sing to her through my pain
She waves, mouths the words "Nothing lasts"
Then disappears into the rain

On the window hang her Cheshire Cat eyes
Long after she spills off down the lane
Never one to spend much time on good-byes
Never know when I'll see her again

She sings to me silently through a pane of glass
I sing to her through my pain
She waves, mouths the words "Nothing lasts"
Then disappears into the rain

My crowd claps and asks for a new song
They want one that will bring them a smile
So I choke out a tune and before long
I pretend she's there all the while

She sings to me silently through a pane of glass
I sing to her through my pain
She waves, mouths the words "Nothing lasts"
Then disappears into the rain
She disappears into the rain
She disappears into the rain

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Memory Lane is About 1500 Miles Long

My New York Trip is actually the terminus of Memory Lane. We'll drive up to Virginia to spend a night with Cathy's niece and family. Love that bunch. Adorable children that never fail to make me remember being those ages (4, 9 and 13) and that it's more fun for me to watch than to relive it. Then on to my high school reunion in South Jersey. I've no need to mention which reunion as I've already reported my age as 26 and I'm sticking with that lie fact. I'll also reunite with some long lost cousins while we're in Jersey. Fun and fascinating to observe what our common genetics have lead each of us to. My Mom, at age 88, is the oldest living matriarch in this family. We will cheer her continuation with an eye on our own DEADline.

We'll then drive up to the NY part of the Delaware valley to see my Mom and my brother. Mom graduated to a walker after her hip surgery and should be home by then. I'm hoping her large retarded dog with the eating disorder and her two frisky cats, don't knock her down. The dog once ate her hearing aid. Darwin's law says the beast should have choked and died, right? He lives to eat everything in the house including any medication left out. He never OD's. He is a spawn of hell. But kind of cute. Who can visit their Mom without diving deep into their childhood memories?

Finally we'll drive up to Hyde Park, NY. Two frantic days of touching base and rehearsing before benefit concert number one for faculty I worked with at the IronWood Grille . My old pal and guitar teacher Helen Avakian will back me up with some guitar and harmonies and my son-in-law Josh Peni will play percussion. I need to sell a bunch of CD's to finance this music scholarship I've started. We'll see if the organization Cathy and I built while we ran PR for the teachers' union is anything like what we left. If you want to support a scholarship for a very deserving music major, I'll donate any sales I get in April to the cause. You know you want my CD. Click here.

After the faculty gig, we'll party with a handful of my old students at my co-writer Kathy Feeney's house. Her amazing Mom hosting us once again. I'll have fun trying to listen to about five or six teenaged girls talk to me all at once. I hope Miss Feeney and I get a lyric out of it. Or at least have one uninterrupted conversation.

The following night is the Cubbyhole Coffee House gig in Poughkeepsie. It's alternately a Vassar College and high school hangout. Helen and Josh will back me again. A former guitar student of mine, Riston Benson, will open with a few of her own songs. This is strictly an opportunity for me to see a bunch of my old students all at the same time. By the end of that night my memory banks should be erupting. Mostly with sweet stuff. A Mt. St. Helens of riotous recollections.

I have to get Cathy to do a lot of driving on the way back to Florida the next day so I can write in the car. That means Dramamine and drowsiness for me. Wonder if I can write on drugs? Maybe I'll discover I can't write anymore without them. Music by motion sickness drugs, the newest craze.
I have a Bella Luna Cafe gig back here on April 30 and a few Stir the Soul Gigs in May. Nothing else scheduled. I'll use the time to get some new recording and writing done. Try them out in Open Mic. I'm working on getting new tunes up here.

My son, Jason, is visiting with his adorable wife Anne. Jason is a film maker as well as an outstanding web page designer. You can see his latest short here. His next project involves a Night Of The Living Dead motif. We are looking at my Frozen Shadows lyric as a possible out song. See my blog from march 27 for that lyric. We discussed changing the arrangement to a much darker version than I play it. I love to get this kind of input because it makes me see things in such a different light that it fires creative impulses I would have missed.

TOMORROW: Aymiee at art-ificial ramblings and I will post my newest lyric with her illustration.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Dreams That Matter

I know it sounds disrespectful and it also sounds hollow to say I mean no disrespect. But I'm not talking about the Pope here. I'm talking about anybody who would stand in line for more than an hour for anything. Including rides at Disney. Waiting in lines for me has seldom if ever been satisfying at the end of it all. And devotion of that magnitude to a person who is not my wife or immediate family member, smells too much like I don't have any kind of life.

I haven't had the urge to attend any sort of pep rally since I was in high school. And I went to a college where the basketball team was number 3 in the nation. Gradually, over the years, I've learned that it's best to celebrate one's self. You get so much more accomplished that way. I'm not suggesting self centeredness to the point of ignoring the achievements of others. Far from it. I just don't think it serves an important purpose to jump on certain bandwagons. They have a tendency to run off cliffs or to be smashed by intersecting buses and trains.

My song "Dreams That Matter" deals with this phenomenon. It's not recorded yet so I'll put the lyrics here. Yeah, I know I posted it earlier but now you have the context. It started as I was watching, the insane weekend of the Georgia Bulldog Vs. University of Florida Gators football weekend. The condo building I was in became a redneck frathouse of mostly middle aged and older Georgia alumnae. And every year except this most recent, they have lost. It was pathetic to see them pack up and leave all hung over and depressed on Sunday morning. They made the Trail of Tears look like a Disney parade.

Later I finished the lyric after consoling one of my former young students who was dumped by another hottie boy in high school. She tells me now that her present boyfriend is different. A musician. Oh, now we're talking!

Copyright 2005 By Bud Buckley

Shattered expectations. Hollow laughter the day after
Victory colors melted into blues and browns
Dragging empty cases, for the heart that races
And empty measures for the soulÕs true sounds

Pretty, vibrant strides slowed to plodding dreams that lied
I wonder why I spent my soul that way
Get me home where I can hope for something else to hope for
Something not so prone to decay

Learn to feed dreams that matter
Learn to find the ones that do
Pretty things can easily shatter
Dreams that matter are the ones you should pursue

Joining caravans of losers cruising to be users
Who spilled their juice on a meaningless dream
A dream that even if fulfilled dismisses what it killed
Wouldn't change a thing past the day it first had steam


Dream of things with weight, no expiration date
Things that will change the air we breathe,
And the light you see chase the wind across your face
For now and forever and for all you believe
chorus and out

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Not Bad For 26

I'm 26 years old today. Don't believe that? Check out this site.

I've had some AMAZING Birthday Greetings and it's early in the day. It's nice being 26. In my mind.

I'm working hard on new music but not the Birthday tune yet.

Go wish Golfwidow a happy Birthday too.

There are enough people on my Blogroll who are Aries that we could form an Aries Webring.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

I'd Write a New B-Day Song If I Wasn't Busy Celebrating

I usually semi ignore my Birthday. When I was teaching I kept it a secret until around the last two years. The One Before the Last was written with that class of kids in mind. Of course it took on a different life as my lyrics tend to do. But yesterday as I was playing my block party gig, I was blind sided by 120 neighbors who sung Happy Birthday to me and presented me with a cake I never got to try. We would have needed a Miracle of the Cake to feed the masses. Also my Birthday isn't until Wednesday, April 6. It was touching and I enjoyed the attention, I admit. Then I went back to singing and they went back to partying. Later they all swore to me that they were listening to me while they chewed, swallowed, pounded flesh (uh read that handshaking, back slapping, polite hugging) and planning the next block party. Good time.

I may be a bit lax on blogging for a while as I have to really sharpen up my performance for the New York gigs coming up on April 22 and 23. I'll tell more about that later. I just wanted to say that The Birthday Song, really needs to be redone. It's a tradition whose time should have expired half a century ago. I'm just as guilty as the rest of you. I've been threatening to write a new one for years. But who would listen? At least the Beatles have given us one alternative. It's just not that easy to make it sound good on an acoustic guitar. We need something that can be done well on an acoustic or a piano or a harmonica, or, if your really must, an accordion. But in some other state with that, please.

I'll give it more thought but no promises. It is coming up on my birthday. Who wants to work on their birthday?

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hanging On To My Letting Go

Okay, by popular demand I worked on yesterday's lyric some more. It's time to let it ferment a few days but I wanted to let you in on the next phase of the process since I let you in on the beginning. Bitchitude suggested a slight change in the punch line which I liked and tried three different ways. So I thought I'd use a slightly different one at the end of each successive chorus. I added a refrain at the end of each verse to avoid writing a bridge and to help the chorus make more sense. Call it a prechorus if you want. I'm giving it lots of air around the lines to invite more interesting musical ideas. If you have any thoughts or input, let me have it. Anything could happen.This lyric, as it is, may be unrecognizable in about a week. Aymiee, I promise to work on the "Singing silently through a pane of glass" lyric while I wait for this one to fester.

copyright 2005 by Bud Buckley

It took too long to find you,
I did me over and you found me
The price so high I was blind to
The cost of letting you astound me
But now it's time and it's been time for a long time

If I could, I'd take you with me
Feel your smile deep in my soul
We both know they can't reach me
So I beg you, Please let me go

We left home behind
To find a new place
And life was kind
To our searching embrace
But now it's time and it's been time for a long time

If I could I'd take you with me
Feel your smile deep in my soul
We both know they can't reach me
Don't make me beg, just let me go
Feel me begging to just let me go

Before you, life was more hard
Than the face I showed you
But together we starred
A love story overdue
But now it's time and it's been time for a long time

If I could I'd take you with me
Feel your smile deep in my soul
We both know they can't reach me
Feel me begging to just let me go

Don't make me beg, don't make me beg, don't make me beg, just let me go

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Pleeeese Don't Schiavo Me

I've taken care of this legally. I have a Health Care Proxy who will make sure nobody hooks up my brain dead carcass to a machine. There won't be any money made by lawyers or media types. When I'm done I'm done. I just want to say as publicly as I can that I do not want to be Schiavoed. There, I just coined a new verb.

Don't Schiavo me. I beg of you , don't Schiavo me. Pleeeeese don't Schiavo me.
How ironic that a Grateful Dead tune would pop into my head to help me make this point. I'm deeply sorry for all Teri Schiavo's loved ones regardless of which side they took. One side made it far worse than it ever had to be. But they deserve no less sympathy for their loss.

That being said. I would never write a lyric that directly addressed this situation. I would be inspired by it, however. The themes might be, acceptance of death, letting go, making the hardest choices, doing these things in the face of mass criticism.

"Please help me let go" is the first phrase that comes to mind. I'd work backwards from that. It's more like a punch line or a refrain. It begs for a minor key but I like to find other ways to stay major and sound minor. Start with a minor third or sixth or even a minor second. I like that kind of challenge. Take some out-of-the-box chords. Like using a minor where you'd ordinarily use a major. Lots of little tricks you could use.

It took too long to find you, I did me over and you found me
The price so high I was blind to the cost of letting you astound me

If I could I'd take you with me
Feel your smile deep in my soul
We both know they can't reach me
So I beg you, please let me go

That's how I'd start to write a song of this nature. People have asked about my process. This is pretty typical of how I'd start. By the end it could be totally different. Since I write lyrics before tunes, the music I come up with would most likely force lyrical changes. It would have to undergo a forty-eight hour fermentation before I'd try a second draft to eliminate clichˇs or jarring words and lame images. Sometimes that means I have to scrap the whole thing and start over. You know if you ferment crap, you're just gonna get moldy crap. At the end, I'd deny it's about Teri Schiavo. I'd confirm that her case inspired my thoughts. And if anybody cared they'd fight over it ad nauseum.

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