Thursday, December 29, 2005

California Dreaming

CA in Dec.8 Back from California, a place I could live if I weren't retired. It's real expensive but there are far more people there who are in the same state of mind as I. It's also safe to say that since it has more people than any other state there are gonna be far more assholes as well. I was lucky enough not to have to deal with any of them on my trip.

Here are some things that were new to me on this trip: GPS in a rented car, San Francisco's Theater district and the Elton John/Bernie Taipan/Anne Rice musical Lestat, Alcatraz, San Jose's Santana Row, Carmel-by-the-Sea and the $1.2 million average homes, Monterey's Cannary Row in depth this time, the utter dreariness of Salt Lake, the joy of returning to Florida. It's flat and green but it's warm. I like warm.

Cathy amazed me at the Hertz counter when she agreed to an extra charge for GPS. This was coming from a woman who printed out every destination we would need on the trip from Yahoo Maps. This is a woman who clips coupons and moves our money around like a professional money manager. This is a woman who refused to read the directions for the GPS but sent us on our way from the San Jose Airport to downtown San Francisco in the middle of the night. Hertz calls their system Never Lost. And for a good reason. Try as we did, we could not get lost even when we disobeyed it's commands to turn. I was glad it remained polite and just said "recalculating route" instead of "I said turn, dumbass!" I'm not sure if I am more scared than amazed by this technology in a time when the government doesn't feel it's necessary to obtain a warrant to spy on it's citizens.

How Orwellian is this? I can be found by credit card or GPS in an instant. I can be triangulated and found when I use my cell phone. Every product I buy is a matter of record. Every book I check out of the Library is also a matter of record. And because I'm a good patriot, the Patriot Act is allowed to read those records. Since I've been using G-mail, I realize that Google reads my e-mail and sends me ads based on the content. These are the same bastards that refused to pay me for my ads because their "algorithm detected abuse" of my account. No arguing nor explanation. An algorithm is an algorithm. I have to wonder what "algorithm" the government uses to decide if I'm a patriot or a terrorist. I'm sure ethnic background is a factor.

That's a digression for another day. Or a song.

Cathy got us front row center seats to see Lestat. It was a Christmas gift for my son, Jason and his wife Anne. I have to admit I was busy looking down into the pit. The conductor was close enough for me to goose. The guitar player had a Line 6 Variax, which I once owned and then e-bayed because I didn't like the tone. The technical production was extremely interesting. The music was obvious Elton but the arrangements could have used a bit more punch in my opinion. Good play, though. It's trying out in San Fran and heading to Broadway next month, I think. We ate in a amazing gourmet Mexican place right across from the theater on Geary Street. No jokes about tacos with cloth napkins, please. The place was awesome and I never did get the name.

CA in Dec.3 Alcatraz is a tour we always kept putting off. Glad we got there. The place is bleak. Violators of the Patriot Act may wind up in places worse than that. In foreign countries where they can easily forget about you. It happens.

CA in Dec.15
CA in Dec.6 We picked up my stepdaughter and headed for a couple of days in Carmel. Her kitty, Monty, is a blog fan of mine. You can see him attempting to leave me a comment here. So although I didn't get to meet up with Jill or Bella or other Californians who have disappeared from the blogworld on this trip, Monty and I became fast friends. Every once in a while he stays still long enough for me to catch him and get a picture of us in the same photo. Normally, it would be a picture of a red and white blur and my reaching hand.

CA in Dec.4 The GPS took us to Carmel. Clint Eastwood was once the mayor there. My neighbor, Joe, quipped, "What is he now, the Sheriff?" It's a stunningly adorable town with more shops, restaurants and art galleries than you would imagine sustainable in any economy. There is art everywhere. Many of the small houses are works of art. Here I am with a cute bronzed couple. They missed the bus long ago because they were fooling around. But this is a town where people happily plunk down well over a million bucks for the simplest of homes. And I assume they are well decorated. Apparently nobody cooks as the restaurants are always full. A round of golf at the nearby famed Pebble Beach Country Club costs well in excess of $400. I hope you get sex with that.

This time at the Monterey Aquarium, I learned a lot about the fish canning business, the men and woman who worked it, the depletion and reestablishment of the fishing industry and that I forgot more Steinbeck than Doctor Seuss. That's forgivable when you consider I read the latter out loud many many times to my kids. John Steinbeck, I had to read at home as I don't think it was acceptable in my Catholic high school. Those suckers invented the Patriot Act.

Flying back with a stop in Salt Lake City was a surprise. Not judging from what I saw from the air but, the place just looks gray and well, salty. Also the airport is very bush league for a town that size. Five flights leaving at the same time from the same conjoined gates which were too small to handle the passengers. But that was a quick impression. Correct me if you know better. Lisa? You reading this?

Back in time for my training session this morning. That girl continues to kick my ass. But I deserve it. I didn't exactly stay to any kind of training regimen over the past two weeks. Now I have to cram for a cholesterol test.

Getting aquantinted with my new Taylor T5 Guitar. Getting ready for a gig Friday (the 30th) and the official beginning of my busy season with five gigs this coming week. I'll see the first draft of my video on Sunday. Don't know when it'll be ready for this space but I'll get it to you as soon as I can.

Happy New Year, everybody. They're all good to me. Every minute I'm breathing is a good one. I hope you come to feel the same way. A lot sooner than I did.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just Sliding This One In Here

The video shoot went very well although I haven't seen any footage yet. Have to take Mark and Nancy's word for that. I will put some up here but have no idea when it'll be presentable. Thanks for all your good wishes. This is an unexpected post.

Back from Orlando where we spent a fantastic few days with my daughter and son-in-law at Discovery Cove and Sea World. I'd love to show you the pictures of me kissing a dolphin on the lips or me riding a dolphin or me making a dolphin do flips. But that part of the trip is photographed by the good people at Budweiser Beer. They are benevolent enough to give the world the King of Beers and to run amazing animal parks like this but not benevolent enough to let us have the photos for under $100 or more. Depending on how many you want, and in what form. We passed. The trip already cost us quite a bit. We flew the kids down here from NY too. So the shake down for the photos seems obscenely expensive.

dolphin day 3 But Cathy did manage the following photos. My daughter, Bree, and I stood in a lagoon and hand fed sting rays fish heads. These creatures are harmless and nuzzled us like hungry puppies. We could pet them. It was very unexpected.

dolphin day 1 The aviary was full of colorful and amazingly tame birds that I could not name because they all come from places onlyD-man is familiar with. Many birds sat on me and ate from my hand and nuzzled. I was not anointed by the holy ghost or his non-dove cousins even once. I have no idea what these bird are. They are a few of many that used me as a lunch counter. I know some people would be freaked by birds landing on them. I felt like Uncle friggin' Remus in the Disney classic Song of the South.

dolphin day 4

False Killer Whales are enormous as you can see here. The name amuses me. How'd you like to be referred to as a false human? Even a false (insert the occupation of your choice here) would be such a debilitating label. They'd have to have an anti defamation league just for you.

dolphin day 6False killer Whales can also fly, as you can see here. They were perfectly well behaved at Sea World but I would not go kayaking in a False Killer Whale habitat. The word "false" doesn't refer to the killer aspect of their name. They are as big as small submarines. With teeth.

dolphin day 7

Here's an Ibis that used a more conventional lunch counter. These birds are extremely common here. Like pigeons. Only pretty. It's one of the things I like best about living in Florida. We have the most aristocratic birds. And any bird that's really cool up north, winters here.

We spent our evenings in Downtown Disney . Ate at "House of Blues one night and Bongos Cafe, a cuban place the next. Just had fun people watching. You don't have to pay to get into Downtown Disney. They get your money in other creative ways.

So I got back in time to do a benefit gig this morning at a street fair. Took a long nap. Put this thing together and I'll spend the next couple of days working off the vacation fat to get ready for the next rip to San Jose/San Francisco on Thursday. We have a little side trip to Carmel in there too. Any of you folks gonna be around? We only have a few free hours on December 24 in San Francisco.

I didn't think I'd get time to post this. Don't' know when I'll post or even read again. Have a fantastic holiday! Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. If there really is anybody who celebrates Kwanzaa, groove on that too. I just don't know of anybody who does. Oh, yeah, happy solstice too. Whatever you get off on, enjoy it and chill out on all this PC crap, okay?

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Church of Bud

Video shooting tonight. Travel to Orlando with my daughter and son-in-law tomorrow. We're going to Discovery Cove to legally swim with dolphins and other creatures. I would welcome a mermaid. Benefit gig on Sunday.

Picked up two other guitar students and another steady coffeehouse gig in Sarasota. I love it when things materialize with little effort. This new year is on a track to double my music business. That's where the effort comes in, maintaining all that. But it was my goal. I wrote it down. I recited it every day. Beats the crap out of Hail Mary's, I got to tell ya. Works way better than wasting time on my knees in church. Welcome to the Church of Bud, where there are only two commandments:

Do unto other as you would have them do unto you
(Okay, I plagiarized that one but who could argue? Is it copyrighted?)
And write down your goals, recite them daily and then work toward them.

I'll never ask for a tithe or pass the collection plate. Love, Happiness, Kindness and Fulfillment are the sacraments. No saints, no clergy, no pope. No missionaries. No other members--start your own church because there's no preaching here. No holy wars. Every minute I live is a prayer service. Just live well and help others.

I won't be back from Orlando too long before we take off for California. I think the only free day I have is December 24 in San Francisco. Anybody gonna be there? If so, let's meet for lunch!

So Blogging will be hit and miss until the New Year. Love you all. Have a happy in case I don't get to chat with you until then.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Don't Say It

Here's a list of banned words from Lake Superior State University. Cliche' avoidance has been a recurring theme with me. It is easy to avoid the most obvious ones. If you're unsure of what they might be, it's almost anything uttered in a good deal of our country music. That list expands to rap and hip hop, fo' sho' and fo'shizzle. Anything heard on TV that is catchy is destined to become a cliche' by the end of the season. The Blog world is helping to speed up the evolution of cliche's.

I say evolution because all cliche's start out as freshly uttered cleverness, don't they? Then, through lack of any intelligent design, they are overused to the point of audio nausea. I hate it when I find I've used something that has become cliche' in record time. You try to use something that's pretty "with it" and find out by next week it's very "used to be," "totally yesterday," "like so last year."

Using the language today is a minefield. As opposed to say an improvised explosive device or IED.

My rule of tongue would be to avoid ANYthing that gets it's start on TV. You'd think that would be easy for me since I never turn the damn thing on, wouldn't you? But, sometimes, something catches my ear subliminally in reading or conversation. It slides out of my mouth or my fingertips later and I find out I've uttered something that is the opposite of "all new." Makes me want to tell my ears, "You're Fired!"

I try hard. I promise I do. I am completely comfortable with people telling me that I've used a cliche'. I wish there was an electronic listening device wired to my brain that warned me when I said or heard one. I am all about electronics, which I suppose is contrary to the perception of an acoustic guitar guy.

Seeing as Sharper Image has no such device being offered this Christmas, I am considering talking like a foreigner. Just to be different. I especially like to listen to Eastern Europeans. I have a good friend who is from "Czech Republic." That is never pronounced "The" Czech Republic. I love how they find personal pronouns and articles quite useless. I tend to agree and I think it would be charming if we all spoke like Latka Gravas from Taxi. And his mousey little girlfriend Simka. Yeah, I used to watch TV. Back in the Golden Years.

Besides, maybe if speaking in a heavy foreign accent became a cliche', it would encourage more Americans to speak good standard English. Many of our good citizens who came here from abroad (that would include nearly all our ancestors) struggle to learn our language and have done far far better than we would, put in that situation. Some of them speak better English than many natives. I have the deepest respect and admiration for them. If they need to rely on cliche's to get their meaning across while they are learning, that's perfectly acceptable. For the rest of us, though, we should classify cliche's as enemy combatants. Make it disappear in a secret unnamed dungeon far away from our vocal equipment.

And the Winner is...
The winner of last Friday's Name the Celebrity Body Parts Contest: Lips of Female Stars is 3T at Stumbling Through Life With Grace. 3T lives in Arizona and has been a blog buddy and big fan of mine for quite a few months. I love reading this lady. She has a very cool husband who contributes from time to time and it is a terrific treat to get an inside look at someone's other half. I hope you'll go over and read her if you haven't already. She has a special place in my heart. If Cathy and I get out to the Grand Canyon, 3T and Jade are two bloggers we have to arrange a meeting with.

Many thanks to all who participated and offered new ideas. There has been an outcry for boobs and butts. I think anything after that would be a bore so that will have to wait until the, uh, end. Hmm, are puns cliche's?

Finally today, Go to this link and see the most honest response to a question on personal beliefs I've seen yet in the blog world or anyplace, for that matter. I admire Bitchitude's guts. She's an incredibly strong, smart woman. She covered a lot more ground than I did in my song Underground.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Get On The Map

I know that many of you prefer total anonymity. I think it'd be fun, though to see all our blog friends on a map. It'd help me visit many of you. We tend to travel a lot. I've met blog friends in Hawaii and Chicago. New York is coming up. Tennessee can't be far off. I'm going to Austin in May. Back to San Francisco, San Jose and Carmel in about a week. Cathy keeps buying books on New Zealand, D-Man!

I hope many of you will go to this site and put yourselves on my map when I send you an e-mail. I would reciprocate, of course.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Anatomical Friday?

It's time once again to play Celebrity Body Parts! Today will feature female lips but not necessarily singer songwriters. Some are singers, some are actresses.

The first one to guess them all right by e-mailing me at (or just clicking the Contact button on the left, which is fixed) will get a good humping from this blog. That is I'll plug your blog with a screen shot and a good buttering up for the job you do.

The answer spells out a short sentence including the correct punctuation.

1. gwenlips

B. Gwyneth Paltrow
S. Madonna
C. Nora Jones
K. Gwen Stefani

2. JenGarnlips
I. Jennifer Garner
U. Jennifer Jones
H. Jennifer Aniston
L. Jennifer Lopez

3. Julialips
O. Julia Stiles
C. Julia Barr
S. Julia Roberts
A. Julie Christie

W. Kate Winslet
S. Kate Hudson
K. Kate Beckinsale
P. Kate Bosworth

5. Madonnalips

M. Madonna Ciccone
I. Donna Reed
O. Donna Woodman
Y. Donna Wong

6 NoraLips
E. Nora Jones
I. Nora Ephron
O. Nora Dunn
Y. Nora Ricci

? Sarah Jesicca Parker
! Sarah McLachlan
: Sarah Michelle Geller
; Sarah Jane Redmond

Winners announced Monday!

Suggest new contests in this comments section.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Spaced Out

Golfwidowis full of very cool ideas. I can't keep up with them all. She turned me on to getting my Blog sent to Outer Space. I did that months ago and forgot about it but I was notified a day or two ago that this blog was indeed beamed to the farthest reaches of the Universe. And if you are an astromomy geek like my young friend and cowriiter Kathy Feeney, you might know what all those intergallactic positions mean. I do not. I hope my blog musings, songs and lyrics do not pollute some star system where the major inhabitants play music in scales based on quarter tones in octaves out of our auditory reach. So that my music doesn't sound to them like either a blue whale in severe gastro-intestinal distress or a mosquito crying for it's last meal. But I can take the criticism. I'm waiting. I have the rest of my life. But if some life form on the planet Quyth acts fast, they can still get in on my $10 CD deal with free postage. They can pay me in whatever currency they want and apply whatever exchange rate they think is fair. Because it's really about the art, Quythians. And I'll happily let my molecules get absorbed by the cosmos knowing that this particular life form known as me, for the time, has a very good shot at being known outside of this solar system. I hope I didn't sing anything to piss anybody off out there. How would I know what constitutes intergallactic diplomacy?

Hey, I'm new at this, Quythians. There's no text book on how to deal with you. So if I have offended, please don't take it out on the rest of the human race, okay? Well you can blame our politicians, that'd be okay. They have to answer for something.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Joy of CoffeeHouse Gigs

Not much Money but special fun. Played a coffeehouse gig at Stir the Soul on Sunday. How much do I love being in a place with hot and cold running musicians flowing in and out all the time? First I'm greeted by Ed Coleman of the Gunn Runners Band who has helped me on numerous occasions with my sound. A kinder gentleman dosen't exist in this business. He played with my EQ, stayed for three songs and split, leaving a tip. He also knew by way of the guitarists' rumor hotline that I'm buying a Taylor T-5. I turned Ed on to Taylors a while ago. But I'm still three Taylors ahead of him.

Also present the entire gig was BB Ward. BB and I go back a couple of years and have frequently turned up at each other's gigs. To the point that we finally agreed to stop tipping each other the same $5 back and forth. Now we just plug the living crap out of each other from the stage and even yield it to each other. BB has home released four CD's in the past year and is working on the fifth as I write. He is the master of the Loop Station in live performance but incredulously riffed on-mic about his fear of using my floor buttons (electronic harmony) when I gave up the stage to him Sunday. If BB and teamed up we cold, unfortuanately, NOT be called the Killer B's because there is already a duo around here who goes by that name. And they don't even have as many B's as BB Ward and Bud Buckley. Anybody have a suggestiion what we could call ourselves?

Lenny Sales popped in, a more pure singer does not inhabit the sun coast. He tinkered with Ed's previous settings on my PA system. Just try to get three musicians to agree with each other on sound levels. I dare you. Lenny showed no fear whatsoever of playing with my floor buttons when I gave him the stage. He popped in a loose quintet on my harmonizer and complained there wasn't enough harmony. Dude sounds great with or without harmony. He can use any crap equipment and still sound fine.

The crowd was fairly light and not buying much coffee or dessert. My usual fans were partied out the night before. It was a three gig weekend for me after all. I still made more in tips than Daney made selling coffee.

The major learning of the night for me however, came from BB Ward. When the crowd is listening as intently as this crowd was, I tend to tell some back story about my songs. BB was like a child at my knee at story time. Asking followup questions and adding commentary. I love this guy. He pointed out that it is intensely interesting to hear the back story of the singer/songwriter's material. Stir The Soul is usually a very safe place to do that. And people in a coffee houses are better listeners than in a bar or restaurant. A performer needs to judge when to talk a little and when to just do the songs. I like to think I've perfected the art of knowing when and how much to talk.

People who see me a lot probably don't want to hear the same stories again and again. I'm amazed they want to hear the songs again and again. But they do, thankfully. So I might create a kind of contest for them. I might announce periodically during a gig that I'm gonna tell some lies. And that whoever can correctly identify a lie will win a prize. Kind of a spin off on yesterday's fun with Golfwidow.

I could do the same here as I've given the back story to most of my lyrics. This is a searchable database through Technorati, after all.

Your reaction and feedback to that plan is welcome. You know what to do.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Golfwidow Gives Good Lip

Weekend blogging is pretty anemic. Anything I throw up here on Friday that doesn't include T and A doesn't get seen much at all. I'm gonna cut back and stop whining about how much time I don't have to finish my other projects.

MinistryofSillyWalks But Golfwidow at The Ministry of Silly Walks correctly identified all 10 celebrity lips about 30 seconds after I posted them. Golfwidow is an extremely funny and witty commentator about many things with an apparent lip fixation. You will be entertained if you go there are read. She also does an occasional podcast that just knocks me out! Golfwidow has been a big fan of mine for about a year and has brought other fans to my fold so I'm delighted she won this first Celebrity Body Parts Quiz. She is running an extremely hysterical little project right now that is not a meme because she hasn't had the bad taste to tag anybody. God I hate being tagged. The instructions are:
And now the instructions:

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad -- BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

So here's what I wrote about Golfwidow:
I almost remember that debauched night we had together in Poughkeepsie. You tried to drive over on your "People Mover" but had it confiscated for moving your drunk ass self down I84. You showed up at that little trendy bar near Vassar College with bloody knees and a persistent burp you couldn't explain. I gave you my jeans and had my legs tattooed to look like toreador pants. We downed a few house brews and headed across the campus looking for rich kids to mug. The first was a British couple. You fell in love with the guy and silly walked away with him into the shadows. I later found my jeans under a statue of one of the Vassar Brothers. I had been dumped by the Brit chick because she said she couldn't understand a word I was slurring and she hated the way I didn't dress.

You all have to go over to The Ministry of Silly Walks and read the comments and take part in this madness or just lurk if you must. But check this gal out!

The correct answers to the Celebrity Body parts Quiz, by the way, spell out Let Go My Ego. This week I will do female lips but not necessarily singer songwriters. I mean there are some FINE non-singing lips out there to consider.

I'm recovering from a three gig weekend during which I got offers for two house parties. Damn good weekend. I have to remind myself of my personal philosophy of work at times like this. I always advise people to take every bit of work you can while you can get it and save up. Because these things run in cycles and the low points really suck. In the early eighties I was newly separated and undergoing a five year divorce settlement battle. I worked about four separate jobs. Full time teaching as well as teaching extra classes before and after school and some weekends. I also was a chauffeur, taking people to the NYC airports and to Manhattan. I rode that horse through most of the eighties. I didn't play the guitar for the better part of 15 years. I don't even know what 80's music is. No time to listen to music. No money to buy tapes and CD's. To me Heavy Metal is Led Zep and that's good enough. So I'll take every gig that comes along while they are still coming along. Got a new CD to produce and a fine new ax to pay for. Not to mention the fact that performing has become an important psychic food group for me. Some people need to smoke and drink. Some people need to commit deviate acts. I need to play gigs. Of the three mentioned, mine is safest and most wholesome.

So this is a week of nothing but prepping for my video shoot and teaching some guitar lessons. And that was my weekend. How was yours?

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Presenting Celebrity Body Parts, Gimme Some Lip

This blog was apparently down for the better part of two days. Blogger, by the way is NO help in solving problems. The crash was spontaneous and did not involve any interaction from me. Those of you who get irritated by customer service or tech service people based in India need to consider the alternative. I'd rather chat with an amiable accented due or dudette in Bombay that try to find the the secret code for some computer help line to actually respond correctly.

Anyway, my son, Jason, suggested that forward my e-mail from this site to a G-mail account. That worked. And I just decided to republish this blog to see if that would cure it's total loss of identity when it became a blank white page for two days. We're up and running. Until the next crisis.

So before I inaugurate the weekly quiz, Celebrity Body Parts, I want to alert you to Jason's new video blog. I wish he were on the east coast and not free lancing his ass off in San Francisco so he could shoot MY video in two weeks. Check him out.

Secondly, I'll repeat my Christmas CD offer here. Response has been good. I can still get your CD's out before Christmas if you e-mail me details within a week or two.
I need to raise more money for the production of my next CD which I hope to start seriously recording as soon as the busy season ends here around April. So I'm putting my CD, Feel My Love, up for sale. Many of my long term readers already own it. I'm offering it to everybody now for $10 with free shipping. Until Christmas. That's a $4 saving. I'll autograph every CD if you e-mail me instructions. You can use this as a gift. I HOPE you'll use it as a gift. I'm gonna repeat this offer daily but I don't have time to redesign the buy page just yet. So e-mail me,, and I'll give you a mailing address for you to send a check.

Special offer for those who already bought one: I'll sell you a second one for $9. Free postage. Again, think gift.

If you're new to the site, you can hear samples by clicking the banner at the top of this page.

Gimme Some Lip

Today's theme is male singer songwriters. Go figure. Enter your answers in the comment section. THE MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWERS SPELLS OUT A PHRASE. SO JUST ENTER THE PHRASE. If you don't follow that direction, I will refer you to a computer at a large technology firm who will send you every bit of bad information it can conjure up on how to remove your own spleen. The phrase may be abbreviated with some words left out. I just want to see if that's too hard or not. The essence of the meaning is still there. The first blogger who gets the answers all right will get a good humping on this blog for a week. That is, I'll plug (hump) your blog in glowing terms.

A David Bowie
L Bono
U John Lennon
N Sonny Bono

A Bud Buckley
O Dave Grohl
D Kenny Loggins
E Eric Clapton

T Ozzie
U Nick Drake
S John Bon Jovi
W Jason Mraz

N John Lennon
G James Taylor
T Dave Matthews
I Harry Nilson

I Chris Carrabba
O John Lennon
M Dave Matthews
T Steve Howe

B Paul McCartney
F John Rzeznik
N Chris Carrabba
M Paul Simon

Y Paul McCartney
A Sugar Ray
E John Mayer
T Jakob Dylan

P John Mayer
L Paul Simon
I Sugar Ray
E Jakob Dylan

G Chris Carrabba
N Dave Matthews
U Steve Howe
I John Rzeznik

MayerlipsO John Mayer
S John Rzeznik
T Jason Mraz
G John Bon Jovi

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