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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rough Cut Inside the Night

I've been threatening to put up some rough cuts. Had a bad dream last night that they really suck. So let's please keep in mind that these are like an artist's notebook. Not intended for publication. Nothing has been done to them to enhance them or even fix the errors. I think I may have gotten a little echo on this one. Strictly experimental.

This one is cowritten by my young friend and former student, Kathy Feeney. She does a more scrupulous job than I do of not talking about where her lyrics come from. I don't press her. I will say that most of these words came out of her as she was approaching her first semester of college last August. She approves of my musical approach. I love the concept of collaborating as it takes me in directions I would not have discovered otherwise. This song is called Inside the Night. Remarkably, it expresses many of the same sentiments I attempted in a song exactly a year earlier but never finished. I've know Kathy since she was 6 years old. I'm used to her finishing my sentences and being the only one in class, at times, who knew what I was talking about. That's a long story for another day. Musically I tried to give prosody to the idea of finding order in the unknown. So I used some out-of-the-box chord changes to go with that. Hope you find something to like here. Just click:

INSIDE THE NIGHT copyright 2006 Kathy Feeney/Bud Buckley

House lights reveal abscesses that lurk
Chase her into the dark, the shelter of murk
Light splashes her heels, guides toward inspiration
Ironically found in dark desperation

All I want is a little direction (into the night)
Don't want to adjust to a lack of affection (inside the night)
Want to be me and stay sane
Be happy to dance in the rain (inside the night)

Reckless yet timid she follows the dark dream
Needing madness to stop, needing to scream
Through the black comfort, stars dwarf her fears
Before she reaches abyss, her purpose appears


Can't run away from your heart
Turn for home, to forgive is an art

Returning with darkness at home in her eyes
Wincing in light, preparing goodbyes
Slowly opens the door to reenter
Accepting the chaos thatŐs been her center

Chorus and out

posted by Bud @ 6:48 AM

I like that a lot! The visuals are good, I really like the part

""Chase her into the dark, the shelter of murk"" as if the darkness shelters her away. But away from what Life, herself, you have me wondering.

It sounds like dying or death.
Thanks, Blue. I believe she's finding refuge in the dark. Escaping the harsh light of reality. That's Why I went from E amjor to C major. Instead of C# which would be expected.
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