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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Shore is Open for Listeners

Thanks for all your kind and helpful comments on the last song I posted, Inside the Night. If you haven't heard it yet or seen the lyrics, slide down to the last post. Seems like people want it on the next CD. Most likely that will happen. I need a better arrangement first. I'm still buried in music and that's the way it's likely to be for quite some time. All of my songs are going under redevelopment as I learn to deal with my new guitar and all the sounds it can make.

Working on all this teaching material on music theory has given me a sharper sense of what I might try to punch up my tunes. I have believed for a long time that the best way to learn something better is to teach it to somebody else. I have my Chord Progression Tool in a test market and I'm awaiting more feedback but early returns have been spectacular. I'm delighted that other songwriters have a way now to come up with new tunes. Another tool I'm working on strictly for guitar and bass is getting good results with my students who are up to that point. I'm working on producing a prototype that isn't too bulky. It'll be especially helpful for lead players but also great for rhythm players who want to punch up their style by tossing in passing riffs. I don't have a name for it yet. Maybe something with the word Sliderule in it.

This next song is at least a year old. Another Kathy Feeney/Bud Buckley collaboration. She tells me the words and images came to her while she was using Aqua Fresh. This song is called Open Shore and it has nothing to do with oral hygiene. Again, it employs a cheesy drum loop that I use as a click track to stay on the beat. It'll have real drums and bass and a second guitar and background vocals. This is one take, bloggers. I didn't fix anything. Even the parts that are screaming, "fix me!" Click Here: 04%20Open%20Shore%20bounce%201MP3.mp3

Copyright 2005 Kathy Feeney and Bud Buckley

You carve through rock and wood to reach my open shore
You're released on my beach. Windy brushstrokes tease your hair
Dancing sand smooths the sorrow, in my room without a door
The storm can reach you but you're safer, stronger there

My Open shore; home of constant beating pounding
Until you're smooth with wear, assured and astounding
My Open Shore; accepting and embracing pain
Accustomed to lightning, wind and rain,
My Open Shore, My Open Shore, My Open Shore

You can find it all here, assemble yourself
From all the different pieces that could be you
Everyone could cherish you and you everyone else
For the priceless possibilities in this seashore stew

Here, beyond evaluations, daily tests and the races
The sun peeks below dark clouds to coax a smile
It stops at all the stations, never rests, always chases
Amidst this constant complexity, You find comfort here awhile

New Day, new emotion on the everchanging sea
The beauty here is emphasized by the ugliness you've seen
With inner light and self respect you'll reach discovery
Your every move paints a picture, creates all you'll need

Chorus and out

posted by Bud @ 3:54 PM

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