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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Songwriting ADD

I think I have some kind of attention deficit disorder. Too many songs catch my attention. Too many artists as well. My play list for cover tunes alone is pushing a few hundred songs. I keep them in a three inch binder. I can't possibly memorize them all. I can probably play a few dozen without looking at the fake book. Sometimes I can't remember my own damn songs. And then another song catches my ear and I go and get the music for it and learn to play it and stick it in my book. I do this before I've completely learned the last one I stumbled on or that somebody suggested. When I taught kids like that, I did everything I could not to over stimulate their environment.

So I stumbled into Bella Luna Cafe one night last month when I wasn't playing there. A terrific young singer songwriter named Carie Pigeon was performing. We became friendly. I got her a gig in another coffeehouse I'm playing in. She came to see me play last Saturday at Bella Luna. We agreed to swap lessons. She wants me to fill in some guitar/music theory for her. I'm gonna learn harmonica from her. I can't resist trying to learn something new. Keeps the neurons firing, ya know. Except I keep loading up my days and they spill into my nights, leaving less time for sleep. You think that on planets with slower daily rotations, the beings there are more productive?

My blogger pal Anna Mason out in Colorado is a very talented singer songriter/pianist who is raving about my Chord Progression Tool. I'm working on that to get it in copyright shape. Still another project I'm in the middle of.

But despite these newest distractions, I'm having a terrific year. I'm on a course to double my business or have a stroke. Whichever comes first. Pat Robinson will find out if I have a stroke and spill it that it's all because I brought it on myself for having impure thoughts as an adolescent. He'll make it sound like I'm still an adolescent.

I have a couple of new songs on a work tape I'll put up soon. They are both co-written by Kathy Feeney and I sent them to her for her Birthday. So I don't want to put them up until she's heard them. She hasn't heard the music yet. By the time you get to hear them I will have hyperactively changed them, adding riffs and modifying melodies. I really need my pal Helen Avakian to smack me down and commit to a final version of everything I've written. The problem of time and space prevents this. She's 1500 miles away and gigging and teaching guitar full time and trying to get her next CD project together. We play a lot of phone tag. I have to find a local mentor that is available on my schedule. Somebody closer to my style who is very knowledgeable about arranging. I'm trying to imagine a classified ad that would describe that person.

These are the things that are keeping me from blogging regularly these days. I need medication.

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