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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

From The Excuse Factory

I'm playing hooky from yoga today. My ass hurts. My legs hurt. My nails would not survive the first pose. Guess that requires some explanation, huh?

Had a terrific training session yesterday. I love my trainer. She makes me do things I ordinarily would have five excuses to avoid. Maybe because she's so damn cute? Or maybe because if I'm paying her, I feel compelled to get my money's worth? Whatever. It works. She makes me balance on this big squishy ball and lift weights. When she thinks I get too comfortable, she "tests" my balance by giving me a shove. Interesting how I can find something so amusing that would have resulted in a fight in seventh grade. Yesterday, she had me doing leg thrusts around a regulation basketball court. With a 15 pound bar suspended in front of me. My arms held out but I'm sitting rather gingerly this morning. It would seem counter productive to do yoga while in pain.

My finger infection is gone. My thumb is still a little sore but improving daily. I removed the acrylic from my nails. They are paper thin and I need the length for when I put new acrylic back on tomorrow. No way I'm playing two gigs this weekend without them. But I'm doing it myself. So they're getting a good airing out and I'm avoiding anything that could snap them off. Like picking my nose or doing certain hand intensive yoga poses. Typing, I have to tell you, is a real challenge.

So today I'm playing a lot of harmonica. With a rack. Look, Ma, no hands!

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