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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Of Finger Rot, Aneurisms, Collaborations and Catastrophic Flooding

Another weekend done. Fingers still sore. Still using a flat pick. Still miss full use of my five fingers. Lot of lessons and three gigs this week. Hope to spend more time on harmonica and maybe some faux lead work with the T5 electric. That should save my fingers.

Bitching bout this is ridiculous. We went to see the Neil Young movie, Heart of Gold. It's a must see for his fans. He performs his whole new album and a bunch of his classics. Best concert footage I've ever seen. The real story is, though, that during the recording of the CD in Nashville, he discovered he had an aneurism that had to be operated on PDQ. So he finished the recording, went to New York and had the surgery. Came back and rehearsed the concert and performed it. Jonathan Demme filmed it and we now have an amazing movie. He never mentioned his surgery. He talked some about the passing of his Daddy. He sang a lot about his family throughout the years. He was flawless. So I'm just gonna shut up about my fingers.

When I first heard Neil Young my reaction was, "What is up with that voice?" He became an acquired taste because his music was so damn good. His voice is still the same, by the way. A college roommate of mine, Greg Mitchell, the current editor in chief of Editor and Publisher, was once a rock 'n roll writer. As associate editor of the now defunct Crawdaddy Magazine, he got to meet all the legends in their prime. He told me some long detailed story back in the seventies about meeting Neil. All I remember is that I asked him if Neil talked the same way he sang. The answer was "no" and I wondered about that. I'm still not sure how that's done without sounding strained. I also remember a story Greg told me about Joe Cocker throwing up on his shoe in the elevator. See, that's the life I gave up to become a teacher instead of a journalist like the rest of my J-school roommates. But I loved teaching and I never would have become a singer songwriter if I became a journalist. The kids made me do it.

I'm still teaching guitar. And to teach is to learn something every day. One of my "students" is actually more of a collaborator. Carie Pigeon is teaching me harmonica. I'm just showing her how to write with more and varied chords. Her playing and singing is truly wonderful. You really have to check out her sound. Visit her site. We'll most likely do some things together. Kind of feeling our way around that. She'll be in Tuesday and we'll see what we can put together. The last lesson of that day is another collaboration with my student Jim Salhoff and his wife Diane who is an amazing singer. Jim has written some fine songs and Di is gonna sing some at my gig on Saturday at Bella Luna. So we'll rehearse that. I hope to just play some harmonica.

FloodedFlorida Also getting out to try to book the month of May and the rest of the summer. Oh, yeah, It's basically summer here already. Had a few cool days this week but that's just the inverse side of the US Government's unrecognized global warming. We're all very cheerful here on the Florida coast about the current news of the melting ice caps. There goes the property values. I know I shouldn't have laughed off the idea about buying beach front property in the Smokey Mountains. I've already written two songs about environmental disaster. If I do another, it'll be disguised as a breakup song. You know ice cap breaking off. Giving in to a flood of emotion. That sort of thing. Most likely not this week, though. Have a splendid Monday, everybody!

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