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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Picky Picky

This is day one of a four gig week that also includes a lot of other hectic stuff. I hope this doesn't sound like a complaint. I'll work four out of seven anytime. It's just that my picking hand is disintegrating.

Fingerpicker2 I have brittle nails. Always have. But I play fingerstyle. I suck with a flat pick. Please don't suggest fingerpicks. I'm not banjo player. If you've ever played any instrument, try to imagine getting used to fake finger extensions. So like many finger style guitarists, including James Taylor and my mentor Helen Avakian, I have acrylic nails on my right hand only. They work perfectly. Except when I can't find a competent nail tech.

Up in New York I was fortunate enough to have Helen find the perfect techs. We each went through some bad ones but she always came up with the best. When I came here I started doing my own. You ever try to do precision work with your off hand? That is, my clumsy left trying to paint acrylic goo onto my right nails. It is the definition of clumsy and ugly. But at least I never infected myself. Since I started going back to nail techs with questionable language skills and even more questionable sanitation skills, I've had several infections. Antibiotics, please.

That's it, I'm done with them. I'm doing my own. Ugly or not. Save me a ton of money too. In the meantime, I've been wrapping my hand in lidocaine/prilocaine and a surgical glove, one hour before I arrive at a gig. This dulls the pain. I'm sure it's not good for my skin or my liver which eventually has to process whatever I absorb. JT and the rest of us will someday be the first documented cases of Fingerpickers Disease. There will be a public outcry. Proposals for FDA regulation. Benefits to support the families of the stricken. And acrylics will join the ranks of other restricted drugs like the morning after pill. Pat Robinson and his ilk will proclaim that God has punished us for creating the Devil's music. And of course Bill O'REALLY and the other right wing talking head crazies will defend him while at the same time supporting Rush's propensity for obtaining carloads of prescription painkillers.

You're watching a songwriter at work here. If this becomes a song, you'll never recognize it as the same argument. It'll be about a person's right to the self abuse of a love affair nobody can understand. That's the way I try to work anyway. Sometimes I let something blatant get loose, though. Like in my song Underground. I don't enjoy the discussion I get into when I do that. 'Cause I'm an underground kind of guy. With infected fingers. It figures.

posted by Bud @ 9:24 AM

Hey! Have you tried finger picks? Oh...nevermind.
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