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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spaced Out But Not Always Wired

Before I begin today's scheduled programming, It was Michael Manning's Birthday Yesterday, Golfwidow's Birthday today and Jay at Kill the Goat needs to find out how to make the balls drop.

My internet cable service from Comcast has been going down every day, twice a day at the same time. It stays out most of the night. My entire subdivision is suffering. Comcast can't figure it out and also can't figure out who we should call. It's gonna be fun getting a bunch of retired Republicans to picket the Comcast building.

But while we can't get this stuff fixed on Earth, my blog has been beamed to outer apace for the 8th time. Here's the actual message I got from

Dear Humanoid:

Blog in Space apologizes to each and every blogger not yet reading Bud Buckley's blog. Have you checked it out lately? Not only does it get the Blog in Space team more excited than winning lottery numbers and fried twinkies, but they've got Intergalactic fame fighting for your right to Intergalactic Freedom of Speech!

This certificate hereby signifies that on April 1, 2006 the Blog in Space team confirmed with Deep Space Communications Network that lift-off of transmission number 8 took place at approximately 9:30 p.m. with Bud Buckley's blog transmitting for 48 minutes! Will this launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida bring us the discovery thousands of us bloggers have been waiting for? We feel good, real good.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind as the celebration nears for the 10th transmission that all inquirers of the weird should be brought to your local veterinarian. We don't know much about greenish goops, extra antennae or alienophenophobia...

When The World Isn't Enough,

- The Blog in Space Team

This is a pretty cool outfit, parented by MindComet. They asked me to do an interview next week. I'll keep you informed. If I can. If Comcast fixes my hookup.

Oh, yeah, I'm burying this part here because , I'm not that thrilled with my performance, but: click the video link on the left if you want to see my promotional video. It's to get local jobs in the off-season, not to win a spot on a tour. It was produced by my multitalented CD producer Mark Zampella. Check him out.

Blog in Space

posted by Bud @ 5:40 AM

Those crazy aliens...they get you every time, don't they?

Perhaps you could also complain about your internet service to your local vet?
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