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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Austin Has No Limits

Back from Austin, TX and not even close to catching up. I never had any interest in going to Texas but Austin is very untypical from what I've been told. Live Music Capital of the world. There was live music in the airport when we arrived. On a Tuesday afternoon. We GPSed our way to our hotel and then dinner with family at an amazing overlook restaurant called The Oasis. Yup, more live music. Good Tex-Mex vittles.

We flew out there for a graduation of one of Cathy's nephews. MBA from UT. We love this kid but we don't attend graduations anymore. We each skipped our own Masters Degree graduations. I also skipped my post graduate graduation. Having taught for so many years and having graduation attendance in our job descriptions, well, we are so finished with that. So we took a day trip to a cool little town way west of Austin called Fredericksburg. A German town with old west trimmings. Pretty cool little burg. Passed by the LBJ ranch. Just not in a historical mood. I still remember LBJ picking his hound up by the ears. Later we attended the graduation party. Fun time. Love that family. It's big and they were almost all there. But we skipped the baptism of it's newest member the following day. One of the reasons I love this gang so much is that they don't get upset with our decidedly different views on just about everything. We would surely be dead meat in a lot of families.

Austin Bats One interesting highlight of Austin is the bats who roost under the Congress Avenue Bridge. A million and a half of them come pouring out of there every evening while throngs of people go to picnic and watch. This is really strange. A million and a half bats darken the sky. Well if the sun was there. But they were heading East. It took about twenty minutes for all of them to take off.

After enjoying a lot of family time, we saw some live music Sunday night. We tried again on Monday but couldn't get in as we waited too late. But I love this town. The New York Times was the prime reading matter at our B and B. I noticed that for many there, the word "bush" is more often used to describe a nice flowering one in the yard. The capitalized version of that word was regarded by a startling number of people with even more disdain than I'm used to hearing. That's pretty intense, I have to tell you. There is a Whole Foods store there that is 80,000 square feet. Lots of freaky people hanging out. Two that cross my memory are a pretty young lady with an unleashed pet rat sitting on a wall eating her lunch and a transsexual with a beard and enormous knockers. There was also a teenager running up the Congress Ave. bridge, trying to score a piece of candy before she went into diabetic shock. All we had was sugarless gum. She ran off before I could direct her to the ice cream vender further along.

I should mention that we took a day trip to San Antonio. Another very cool town. I couldn't care less about the Alamo or whether or not anybody remembers it. But the River Walk is very nice indeed. Very impressive, well planned and executed. Unbelievably, we ran into some of our Florida neighbors on the River Walk. How strange is that? We ran off after still another Tex-Mex lunch to see some caves. More stalactites and stalagmites than you need to see in a lifetime. But a fun adventure.

I'm trying to purge my system of entirely too much Tex-Mex and other rich food but then last night happened. We attended a small marriage rededication on the beach between our dearest friends, Nancy and Mark, our yoga teacher and my producer. This was a Native American ceremony and very touching. And have I mentioned that I don't do ceremonies? We liked this one, though, and I got to say some extemporaneous things about my dear friends as part of the ceremony. Cathy hid behind a camera saying, "I'm video, Bud's audio." Nothing unusual about a Native American marriage rededication, you say? Okay I guess not, even though it was between an Italian ex-catholic and a Jew. This is the texture of my life and friends. Anything goes. Then we had way too much food. Again.

Now I'm home hoping to get caught up but it's just not happening. I'll check in again here soon. Busy weekend. Hope yours is a fun one.

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