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Friday, May 12, 2006

Crazy Film and Free link to My Music

Last night Cathy brought home several DVD's. The one called Delicatessen had to be back in 2 days so we watched it first.

I have never seen anything quite like this with the exception of Terry Gilliam's Brazilmany years ago. Jean-Pierre Jeunet (best known for the amazing Amelie), directed this highly unusual French film. It has the look of the early 1950's but it is obviously in some sort of post-apocalyptic setting. A place where there is little food and people use grain as currency. The central characters live in a tenement owned by a butcher who lures handymen to work there. He fattens them up and eventually butchers them for meat which he sells to his tenants. How, you would rightly ask, is this a comedy? That is its genius. That and the beautiful cinematography. I loved this film from the opening frames and there was no let up.

I have a long list of my web site fixes for my son, Jason, to do but I know he's busy working, freelancing and raising an infant so I keep putting off asking him to make my music easier for you to listen to. CDBaby just informed me however that there is an easy way to listen that will even earn me a penny every time you do listen. You can go to ITunes, for instance with this link. Listen to snippets of my CD and even buy a digital download of any song you want if you feel so inclined. But it's cool that you can just listen and I get a penny. I wish you would do that. Often. I'll get some links to my work tapes up to make them easily accessible but I'd like to redo most of them first. Second drafts. I'll let you know. I don't really want to use MySpace. It has this pedophile reputation. As a former teacher, that really turns me off. I'm sure you understand.

So if you haven't before heard any of my music, you can do so while earning me a penny a listen this weekend. And on that note, have a good one!

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