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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday AM Without Coffee=Bad

Late start today because of a last minute gig last night. Got a call at 8:10 from Stir the Soul Coffee House. Could I cover for the act that didn't show up? It was supposed to start ten minutes ago. That beat the hell out of practicing beach music for a lucrative gig at the end of the month. I was set up and ready to rock in about half and hour. Always love playing this particular coffee house. Had a good night although the crowd was anemic. Made more in tips than I did for the fee. That tells me something. The best part was that the crowd from Bella Luna Cafe popped in late. Deja and Emily and Chris and his GF Kristin. Love those guys a lot when I play Bella Luna. So funny to see them all in the competition's parlor. But Maiya, last evening's barrista, is also a Bella regular. Deja was with a new guy I hadn't met before. Emily was celebrating her last night in Venice as she's leaving for a Costa Rican diving adventure and then on to an internship in the Keys.

I was fasting for a blood test this morning so playing a late gig kept my mind off of missing my usual evening snack with Cathy. Fought off a caffeine withdrawal headache this morning and went to have blood drawn and then quickly to Bella Luna to get my java fix. Deja gave me one of those, "We were up way too late for this kind of shit" looks. I wanted to tell her I went home to sleep while she apparently went home to "bed." But thought better as I thanked her Mom for pouring my coffee.

So now I'm still a jug of coffee short to ward off a headache and trying to come up with something pertinent to post. No such luck. I'm struggling with my new Palm organizer as it is refusing to connect with my computer after having worked fine for two days. It's a very cool device but the directions suck. And, for once I actually read and reread the directions. I got most of the birthdays in. But I'm missing all the blogger's b-days. Not you, Golfwidow, Becky, and Michael. But I'm drawing a blank on the rest of you. If you want me to remember your birthday, tell me again in the comment or e-mail. Otherwise, DO NOT give me any crap about forgetting.

I'll try to catch up on reading all of you over the weekend. I have a lot of lessons today and many social things this weekend. So It'll be hit and miss. I hope you have a grand time. I always do.

posted by Bud @ 9:53 AM

I just hate days like this bud... but you'll survive! Have a cool weekend.
Days without caffiene are fuzzy and out of focus for caffiene drinkers.

It definitely is strange to see people you associate with one place in another entirely.
Hang in there Bud. You'll make it with our without the coffee.

By the birthday...May 30.

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