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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hump This

How's this for Hump Day?
Interesting back story here. I'm always surprised to hear that there is a Mennonite or a Amish community in places other than Pennsylvania. There are several in the mid west, for instance. But there is actually a thriving one here in Sarasota, Florida. One section of town that I frequent on various music joints, is thick with women and girls in granny dresses, on three wheelers. Bicycles, not ATV's. Guys in black baggy pants with suspenders, sporting beards without mustaches. This goes on even in the hot months here, which is most of them. There are Amish restaurants where they are big on butter and bacon and stuff I'm not allowed to eat. It's not a religious thing with me, it's a cholesterol situation. They consume more fat calories at breakfast than I do in two weeks. That explains what they're hiding in those granny dresses and baggy pants.

They are a simple, gentle, obedient folk. That's why there are so many of them here. Because there is a Hump sign in the blacktop at every intersection. They don't vote but they do obey the law.

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Good to be obedient to the laws ;-)
We have some communities of Amish and Mennonites here in WV too. One lady works for my eye doc, she's very nice and witty. There is an excellent Amish cheese and jam store not far from me too. And you never see their faces on the news for any crimes and such.
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