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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Yam What I Yam, We Is Who We Is

A neighbor of mine asked me, quite out of the blue, "If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?" Nothing, is my first and only reply. I am who I am because of everything that happened before this moment. And I am blissfully happy.

My friend, on the other hand, is comfortably retired from a profession most people would associate with a terrific choice in life styles. A demanding but fruitful career. And he admitted that he wished he had become something else. You just can't assume anything. He spoke of some other surprising regrets he had. Yet he is a cheerful guy and a terrific neighbor.

popeye I love getting to know these people in this new neighborhood. All from different walks of life and different parts of the country. It's like an upper middle class melting pot. But I snuck in before the prices got insane. It underlines for me what America is. Diverse. Okay, it is predominantly white bread here. But there are a lot of significant cultural, social, political and philosophical/religious differences among us. And we enjoy learning about these things in each other. Acknowledging yet respecting. The most often heard refrain here is, "I love my neighbors." It is said at every get together I've ever been to, by different people each time.

The immigration issue is extremely complex and is not going to be solved by congress. Or various paid and unpaid pundits. We are a nation of immigrants. That has always been our real strength. It is as solid an idea as the ground we walk on. The illegal immigrant problem was created by another very American characteristic: Greed. Entrepreneurs of various stripes have become more wealthy by exploiting cheap labor. Many state and local economies depend on it. Resentment over the load on a welfare system, and the issue of language are understandable. People who are outspokenly hostile to these people should consider what their life would be like if they had to immigrate to China. You know, the country that owns our debt and makes all the things American workers use to make. So that we can buy them cheaply at Walmart from people who also are encouraged by their employers to go on public assistance. Maybe the day will come when American workers will have to go to China to get work. See how fast you can learn that language or blend into that culture.

We all need to cool our jets on this and try to live side by side because no matter what way you feel about what's going on in this country with today's government , a few things should be pretty obvious:
1. We can't round them all up and send them back any easier than we can find one guy who goes on Arab TV in Afghanistan and says threatening things to us.

2. We can't keep them from crossing our own borders any easier than our armed forces can keep invaders from crossing the borders in Iraq and blowing up our soldiers and innocent people.

3. We can't force them to learn our language and adapt our culture any easier than we can force western democracy down the throats of unwilling moslems at the cost of uncountable billions of dollars.

Our immigrants are friendly. They work for us. They want to be accepted. They're not hostile. And they don't cost us anything near what the war is costing us. If I can regularly and cheerfully break bread with red state republicans who regard my philosophies as whacko as I regard theirs, then we can all learn to live with our immigrants. Your great grandchildren may be related to their great grandchildren one day.

posted by Bud @ 6:22 AM

Bud, I agree with your statements regarding living side x side and congress controlled immigration. Most immigrants in my neck of the woods, with the exception of the Muslem doctors, are Mexican and Chinese. They operate the best restaurants around here and are willing to work manual labor jobs that others here are not. They are always friendly, polite and gracious in business, which is something that has gone down the tubes with American business tactics these days.

The plight of outsourcing to China & other countries has it's pros and cons for sure. But I must say, there are plenty of Americans that have preferred a disability check because of a 'bad back' than to educate themselves for a job that required no back strain at all. Someone has to do the work. I would think that if one can point a finger, then they could use it to direct traffic or type or operate a switchboard and stop draining the system. Unless they are paralyzed or brain injured, but even a lot of those folks overcome their handicaps and participate in something beneficial to working America. I could go on, but I'll stop here, lol! Thanks for a great post ;)
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