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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Two Fill-In Gigs, Too Many Filling Gigs

Friday after teaching a few guitar lessons, I was ready to settle in for a nap before some old old friends from my school teaching years were to drop in. My cell phone gave me the Miles Davis tone. "Dude, everybody's out of town," it's James from Stir The Soul Coffee House again. "Can you cover tonight?" This is two nights in a row I'm filling in for drop out performers. What is up with this place? Cathy says it's cool with her so I agree but tell James I may be late. Late for me is still half an hour early. I strongly believe in giving venues more than they paid for. I don't take many breaks either. I wound up playing a half hour longer too. The Cinco de Mayo crowd finally showed up from a nearby Mexican joint. Another lucrative night that was late in developing. I did get to touch base with my old friends before I ran off to the gig. And as a result avoided eating a lot of naughty stuff.

Saturday's Kentucky Derby Party is the second of four we were to attend. A long time ago, I found that betting on horses was a good way for me to pay some bills. I was good at it but it took way more time than it was worth. Had some huge paydays. I never lost money. I just lost more time than I could afford. A relationship killer. Now I refuse to even read the details of a field of horses so as not to be sucked back into that black hole. Someday I'll tell the story about how I broke the horse betting habit and what addiction I replaced it with. Everybody's addicted to something, ya know?

Sunday was a brunch party and a dinner party. Sandwiching an intense workout. As you get older, all you youngins out there, it gets harder for MOST people to lose weight or even maintain their weight. So I strongly advise banishing the fat deposits in your body now. Or they'll have to widen the booths at the fast food joints. You really do get used to fat free foods. Honest. Growing up in Philly, I ate a cheese steak a day, a pizza a week, scrapple and bacon, countless candy bars and soda. If I can get used to skim milk and fat free cottage cheese and Egg Beaters, anybody can. Well that's the choice I made anyway. It's mind over fat. How simple is it? If you don't want fat on you, don't eat fat. Find away to burn off what you have.

And before you are tempted to give me that, "you got to live it up, life's too short," line, you have to think about my perspective. I live in Florida. I'm surrounded by people who can barely walk because of the abuse they gave their bodies. And these are the ones my age and just a little older. It doesn't look like living it up to me. It looks like a miserable existence. But that's the choice THEY make.

That being said, I ate a lot of crap at the Kentucky Derby party on Saturday. There wasn't ANYthing in the room that was on my list of healthy foods or even foods that are not extremely bad for me. I did work out nearly every day, however.

Saturday night we watched a DVD. A movie about Chicago's Joffrey Ballet called The Company. If you're looking for a traditional story here, forget it. The look inside the life of an artist, however, is striking. Robert Altman's direction was wonderful. The dance was breathtaking. I've been doing yoga a long time but I don't think I'll ever come close to the contortions I saw. Relating my yoga practice to the dance gave me a keener appreciation for the dedication of these extraordinary artists. I picked up my guitar right after and had the best practice I've had in months. That's how inspiring that movie was. The key line is from the dance director played by Malcolm McDowell, "Thinking about the motion isn't being the motion." That's gonna be framed in my studio.

Sunday's brunch with good neighbors. Interesting to look at my house from across the lake while eating southern plantation food on fancy settings. Made me feel kind of wealthy. And SO white.

Sunday's dinner with even more good neighbors. I didn't eat any snacks. Waited for dinner, Ate lightly. Then dessert happened. I'm so busted. Gonna be a hell of a week. I hope yours is painless.

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