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Monday, June 19, 2006

Notable People and Great Friends

To begin with it's Bored Housewife's Birthday. If you don't already know her. You'll soon love her. Go have a look and wish her a Happy B-day. She co-wrote a song that's gonna be on my new CD. Also my good pal Michael Manning is a superb writer and interviewer. He visited me in April and hopes to relocate near here from Cincinnati. He did my interview recently and his newest interview is with Andy Martello. Andy is a great friend of mine who I visited last October in Chicago. Again, if you haven't visited Andy, he's a guaranteed good time.

You should aslo see his terrific interview with Golfwidow here. This is one amusing lady! I love how we're making such terrific blog buddies. It makes me realize that if we set aside the stuff we can't agree on (politics, religion, sexual orientation, or as Golfwidow says, Chili Recipes), we can achieve world understanding if not actual peace. My blog buddies are so diverse, it's either a model of the UN or a recipe for a riot. Maybe that's the same thing but you get the idea.

The problem with working alone as I do musically, is the lack of input. As I get newer versions of my songs ready to record as worktapes for my producers, I'm having a very difficult time deciding on which versions to submit. Opening the creative process up to a committee can be very treacherous and that's why I've avoided it. But I'm still pretty undecided. I hate to burden them with multiple versions but it looks like that's what I'm gonna do.

My coffee house gig last Friday at It's a Grind was fun. Good crowd. Nice people. I booked one more there in August just before I head for NY. I also have two July dates there. This Tuesday I'm at Stir the Soul which has been having various management turnarounds lately. I hope it comes together as it is a terrific place. Still teaching lots of guitar lessons and interacting a bit with young song writers on line.

Father's Day was nice and mellow. It used to be a joke when someone young or female said, "Happy Father's Day" to me I'd often respond, "Thanks, same to you." When my son, Jason, called Sunday I had to stop and think that it wasn't a joke anymore. And I heard Stella gurgling in the background. And the World Turns.

Have a splendid Monday, Everybody.

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