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Monday, June 05, 2006

Outa Here Again

"Heading Out To San Francisco..." words I often have to sing when a certain beach tune maven is requested. This of course to avoid singing the song about the place named after the popular tequilla drink. I am indeed heading off to San Francisco by way of San Diego and LaJolla. Gonna see some relatives, the SD Zoo and hopefully the Taylor Guitar factory in El Cajon. I own enough Taylors to be a stock holder. They ought to give me an endorsement deal. When I get to San Fran (look, I get there often enough to be on a nickname bases with it) I'm going to see my new granddaughter, Stella. Oh and his parents too. Love, ya, Jason and Anne. And my stepdaughter as well. Love you too, Mick.

So I'll be missing from this page for a while and from yours. Here are some things to consider while I'm away:

Our friend Denny Shane is related to the patron Saint of Brewers as well as more royalty than I can remember. He has been doing family tree research for 30 years. He may be delighted to find out that for a mere $320 he can have his DNA compared to an enormous data base and discover, like this Florida gent, that he's related to Ghenhis Khan.

Speaking of my adopted state of Florida, we are mostly relieved to know that our state legislature and Governor (whose name rhymes with tush) must have solved all our problems of over developemnet and environmental pollution and disaster preparedness. So they have officially made it legal to dine with your pet. But you still can't take it to certain hotels if there is a hurricane.

In still more Florida news, we have two new nominees for the Darwin Awards. How much helium do you have to inhale to levitate? How much to die?

I'll leave you with these Words of Wisdom:
When I hear somebody sigh "Life is hard" I'm always tempted to ask "Compared to what?"

I hope I've been through Most of the hardest parts. The hardest of the hardest has to be the end.

See you next week some time.

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