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Friday, June 02, 2006

Phish Spam

No disrespect to the tasty canned meat or the rock band but I hate spam and phish. I don't get that much spam on my Blog comments so I'm NOT using those annoying verification puzzles you all seem so fond of. Those things are like a high school typing quiz and they force me to put my coffee down. My e-mail spam, though is ingenious. Also at the height of brilliance is the phish e-mail that look exactly like my Pay-pal account and e-mail account. They try to trick me into giving up my password and credit card numbers about seven or eight times a week.

It's only fitting that a Pulitzer Prize be awarded to the world's most brilliant spam. Leave it to Weekly World News to show us what that might look like:

Prize committee honors poetic power of junk e-mail

The subject line read:

Reve se (a)(g)(i)(n)(g) while you sle. . . ep!

"The use of a reverse-slash in the word reverse was itself inspired," Preminger said. "And the use of an ellipsis, a grammatical pause, to suggest 'sleep' was genius. And the parentheses, suggesting age, was perfect. The dates of a life are always encased in parentheses.

You can see the entire article here.

And you can probably see something fresh from me Monday but then I'm going to California for a week. I'll be in the San Diego/LaJolla area Wednesday and Thursday, I think. Then up to San Francisco/ Next weekend. If you're going to be in those areas at that time, tell me quickly so we can arrange a Blogging mini confab.

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