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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Time Out for Other Work

Crunch time to get some songs banged into shape. I'm sending off my roughest cuts, most of which were posted here at one time or another to my producers and musicians so they can start thinking about what they would do with this mess before I hit the studio for real. My original plan was to try to get some usable tracks for them to hear but there are just too many interruptions in my life now.

I frequently read blogs where people are flirting with the idea of not blogging for a while or anymore at all. Only to see them pop up again within a short time. Addicting, this stuff, isn't it? I hate the feeling of missing so much activity on various blogs that I don't know what the hell is going on when I do come back.

I'm not going away permanently. But I will be scarce around here and around your sites as well. I'll only post if there's something of interest. The rest of the time is pretty mundane hard work to get my songs recordable before I make the NY trip late August.

My priority list is: Family, guitar students, friends, music, blogging. But the overarching priority, if I can use that old term, is my health. Whichever one of these priorities I happen to be paying attention to gets my fullest attention until my ADD or "brain damage" kicks in and I'm on to the next thing.

Checked out the location of my July 4th gig. Harpoon Harry's is a huge harbor side restaurant at Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda, FL. Amazing views of the harbor where Hurricane Charley took a sharp right turn and leveled a large part of the area. Hurricane's love and feed on big wide wind tunnels with warm shallow water. And while Charlotte Harbor saved us, being thirty miles to the north, they took a beating from which they still have not completely recovered. But Harpoon Harry's and the whole wharf area is just fine. I'll be playing on the bow of a faux pirate ship, welcoming the patrons in. Daytime gig with lots of exposure. To people, media and, oh yeah, the sun and other weather related elements. I'm sure to have pictures. I'm resisting wearing any pirate gear. It wasn't suggested so it's not required. It's bad enough I'll have to sing a lot of that Florida singer who's famous song about a popular tequila drink is STILL nauseatingly popular after all these years. Such is the plight of a performer in Florida. Give me your northern and midwestern tourists and I'll give you all the audio cliche's you want.

I took a brief look through my blogroll and found that Golfwidow has posted a hysterical podcast. Michael Manning has a captivating interview with former astronaut Frank Borman. I have a pretty damn entertaining blogroll. You may not hear from me for a while so I suggest you check out some of my blog buddies if you haven't done that yet. Have a splendid week. I'll be back when I can bring something tasty to the table.

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