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Friday, July 28, 2006

My Fridays Are Like Mondays

My Friday is like your Monday. My Fridays Are Like Mondays--MFAL Mondays. I wonder how many people feel that way? An occupational preference. Entertainers, hospitality workers, bar tenders, resort workers, traffic cops, ER workers. But I remember what Fridays were like before I retired to my second career. So happy Friday to you or Monday as the case may be.

My typical Fridays are Yoga, workout, guitar lessons and a gig. This is the Florida off season so no gig on this particular Friday. I am however enjoying the company of fellow blogger Michael Manning for a few hours.

Saturday is another workout, guitar lessons and company. My pal Carie Pigeon is coming for dinner before her gig at Stir the Soul. We'll be joined by fans/Friends/students. Party a bit and go to Carie's gig. Carie is going to be on my next CD. Love her voice. We keep talking about working on some material to perform together. But Carie now has a day job. But this is something I really want to do.

So here is a funny video from my pal Andy Martello out in Chicago. Watch him eat fire in this one. No, I'm not talking about Tex-Mex. And the link should take you to some more of his amusing videos.

My pal Golfwidow is posting some very amusing podcasts here.

My pal Deni Bonet is teaming with Sharron Glassman to post a podcast here.

I have lots of great pals on the web. If you're reading this, you're one of them and I thank you for hanging in during my dry spell.

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