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Friday, July 14, 2006

Stranger Things Are Happening

Early Television had its moments. We only had three stations and they went off by about midnight or earlier. So it didn't have as much opportunity to suck as badly as it does today. It did have it's suckier moments, however. I was not particularly fond of Red Buttons who passed away yesterday. He was a likable enough guy but didn't knock me out even at the tender age of 6 or 7. I didn't really follow his career when he became a serious actor, winning an oscar, or a much sought after roast dinner guest. I do remember only one bit he did. A completely goofy song which had the words,"Ho ho, he, ha ha, strange things are happening." Then I think he went on to quote some bit of strange news with a punch line of his own. So it's ironic that I learned of his death on, a site that could easily use the Ho Ho He He song, if it wasn't so lame.

Some of the the strange things that Fark reported just yesterday are:

An eleven year old boy committed an armed burglary with a sword, stealing even more swords. Which action adventure films will be sued over this, I wonder?

A street performer in Bissbe Arizona was arrested for loitering and begging. His act was to have his cat balance on his dog while his mouse balanced on the cat. Interesting that balance has become a crime.

A woman in Jacksonville, Florida, near where I used to have a condo, was roughed up and had her lips crazy glued by the ex girlfriend of her fiance. She was ordered by the assailant to leave the fiance. Making people believe stuff by force is becoming a tradition. There is a strong precedent in history. Nothing strange about it.

Flabby guys are in. I can't wait to tell my trainer. I'll then take her out to a Mexican restaurant and order us a combo dinner for five. Extra cheese, please. A little more flan and fried ice cream too.

A police dog ran over a women in a pick up truck. No punch line needed.

And a chicken has laid an egg with the word "Allah" inscribed on it. What did I tell you about balance?

Britney Spears now rents out K-Fed for $20,000. No word on how much she charges to rent herself out.

Even stranger things are happening these days, Red. There's no Ho Ho He He about it.

Have a splendid weekend, everybody.

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