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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ins and Outs

Friday's coming up and I'm writing today to report that I'll be too busy to post. I'm on a liquid diet today for an embarrASSing medical test tomorrow. I hate Jell-O, I hate chicken broth. I need cream in my coffee. I'm gonna be empty of humor tomorrow as well as everything else that normally sloshes around in my intestines. After I become fully conscious I have three guitar lessons to teach. Then I'll crash before a gigless but party filled weekend.

Next week I have to empty my studio so they can rip a wall down and make it bigger. My new studio is being built as an adjoining room to this one. This place is crawling with construction guys these days. A lot of them turn out to be musicians. How they can abuse their hands all day and play at night is a wonder.

Dawn mentioned yesterday how I sent her some instructional material to help her play guitar. Specifically barre chords. She found it most useful. Michael Manning is also getting that package but I'm editing it. A few others have received my chord wheel that I use for writing and transposing and teaching. I've been tinkering with guitar teaching aids for several months now. Kind of a leftover compulsion from my classroom teaching days and my masters degree in Educational Media. But that was LONG ago. We were using big fat video tape and super 8 film. Comical to think about. But I mention this in case there are others out there who think they could benefit from my lessons on how to play barre chords without straining the brain.

My approach to teaching guitar has always been to meet the learning style of the student. And if you're coming to me instead of majoring in music, you're not wired like a music major and therefore you need to have it all presented in a different way. So I've been developing tools and lessons for the rest of us. I learned all this stuff before I ever even considered learning to read music. I read music now but note by painful note. So for a limited time and a limited time only, I'll send you what I have for the price of postage and handling. Dawn and Michael are my testers so they get it for free. Sounds fair enough to me. Better let me know fast because I'm gonna be out of touch for about three weeks as of next Friday, August 18.

And with that, have a splendid weekend.

posted by Bud @ 2:18 PM

Chord wheel keep on turning
Bud's tummy keep on churning
Blogging like a winner
Hope your tests went great!

I bet the cream in the coffee tasted awesome today ;-)
Andy, you're becomingthe new Weird Al.

Lisa, Thanks, I'm clear and the coffee was yum today.
I would love to learn to play the guitar...however I don't own that makes things more difficuly.

I can play the piano and read music, that's about it.

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