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Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Space, the Final Frontier?

Saturday night I filled in at It's A Grind Coffee House for Ed Coleman of the GunnRunners. It was a most excellent gig and a profitable night. Kevin, the owner pretty much guaranteed I could play twice a month. He liked my sound a lot. The house was packed all evening. I love playing to some people I know too. Loosens me up. I have more fun and try stuff I ordinarily don't do.

The NY trip is creeping up fast. I have some major things to put together in two weeks. Some major packing decisions to make too. My good guitar goes into a customized flight trunk. My soft gig bag gets filled with underwear. Dressing for NY in late summer is tricky. Wonder how many days I can wear two pairs of jeans and a couple pairs of shorts? Which shirts? How about a jacket? Do I really need long pants up there? And socks? I have to wear socks? How many pairs for 17 days? Maybe I'll do laundry every day and a half.

It may come between clothes and a laptop recording station. I wanted to record the arrangements that Helen Avakian and I work on and the songs that Kathy Feeney and I hammer out. No way I'll remember anything without a recording. The choice is between using the laptop which requires two other pieces of equipment, giving me high quality tracks (in case some of it is usable for the final mix) or just a little digital four track with an on-board mic. Read that "tinny and ineffective." I'm leaning toward the later. That means another trip north to record any usable tracks with Helen and whoever else I can get involved up there. Hey, I'm retired. Life wasn't supposed to involve this many decisions!

I know I have railed on and on about My Space. I was on. I never used it. I got about three IM propositions from semi naked teenagers a week. I got off. Many of my musician friends have prevailed upon me to get involved again. So I figured out that if I don't list my IM, I won't have jailbait contacting all the time. Or at least not a much. Kids don't use e-mail. It's IM or nothing. So I'm back on but I'm not at all set up yet. I bought a book aimed at taking advantage of the musician angle on My Space. It'll be months before I get that organized, the way things are going. Any quick hints you can give me will be appreciated. I have to tell you, it is one stinking annoying site to navigate. I don't want to write another blog just for IT. Why can't I just link everybody over here? I still can't look at it without ads for singles. I made it clear that I'm married. And I'm old. I also question its effectiveness if every 14 year old with a guitar lists himself as a rock star. But I'll give it a fair shot before I quit again.

Have a splendid week, everybody. If I have a new lyric, it's gonna be called:

Raped by My Space.

They said you gotta get in it, if you want to be with it
They said you can't win it, if you don't sift it
I tried but I really hate this pace
All I get is raped by My Space

Just a thought. I'm not really gonna do rap.

posted by Bud @ 4:52 PM

I what you mean...I'm not really getting the myspace thing either. I'm amazed at how slutty the people seem on it. But hey, for each his own...I think I used to think that about chat rooms too, and I'm a full fledged addict and have met some great friends that way!
MySpace just doesn't make sense to me at all... it doesn't seemed organized and navigable. Maybe it's just made for the teenage minds. shrug.
Pleeeeeeze *no* rap. MySpace is soooo over-rated IMHO, it's worthless. Good call not going that direction.

Hmmm, NY visit. Now WHO might you possibly know there? ;-)
MySpace is just creepy. You can do without it. Besides, YouTube is where it's at now, so say the kids.
Bud: I saw Meryl Streep interviewed on Letterman's TV show last night and she mentioned her son's band on "My Space". So, I'd encourage you also to wing it and if you get porn, delete it. I'm, sure others are getting this too and I agree with you, it is creepy when that happens. But do tell if you build a cool network of like-minded serious musicians as yourself!
You better bring enough socks and undies, Bud! And a sweater, too. It can get chilly at night upstate! Hope I'm going to get to see you on this trip!

I'm really enjoying MySpace. I've reconnected with some old buddies of mine, and actually gotten some work through it!
You're going to New York!? I'm jealous Bud. (But you already knew that)

I hope you have a fantastic time!

Finally, I get in to comment! Yay!

I couldn't help you with the My Space decision, sorry. Have never used it. I find that my pc goes bequirky the more places I go to with passwords and such. As for packing, at least take extra undies in your carry-on, just in case your baggage gets lost ;)
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