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Thursday, August 17, 2006


LONG day of teaching guitar Monday. But I do love that. I never fail to learn something when I teach. I think that's always been the appeal of it for me. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are long days of workout, yoga and trip preparations.

I'm keeping my eye on the ever changing airline regulations to see if I'll be able to bring any baggage at all by Saturday. My guitar is packed in a custom built airline trunk with my name on it in huge white letters. Watch them "lose" it. I decided to take the portable recording equipment in a carry-on. Watch them dismantle it. I think air travel will only be safe for nudists eventually. Which means that more people will hit the gym and pass on the fast food. Or more will all buy sleep masks.

My studio addition limps along at the mercy of subcontractors who religiously apply the principals of relativity when they schedule their work. I used to routinely ask which "Tuesday" they were referring to when they said they'd be here Tuesday. There are over fifty of them in a year after all. The scariest phrase of all is, "I'll be there the beginning part of the week." Besides wondering which week, we have to wrangle with the definition of "beginning part." Time has no beginning or end.

So most of the electrical wiring is in. The audio wiring is next. There is still no tar on the roof. It's been raining here a lot. My studio is leaking. Actually both are. The present and the future. My general contractor just left here and sounded pretty upbeat about getting stuff done. When I come back I should see a tiled roof and possibly stucco on the exterior. This is Florida, ya know. It's stucco, not siding around here.

I'm frantically trying to work on some songs so I don't go into my arranging sessions with Helen Avakian with no ideas of my own. I've finished the first draft of a new one I'm doing with Kathy Feeney and I'm plugging away on two others so we have plenty to fill our few hours together next week. I'm stressing over how I'm going to get everything I need on that plane Saturday. More importantly, will it meet me in NY when I get there? How funny would it be if I brought a dozen of those cute little lizards that populate every garden around here? They are actually anoles, not geckos as my neighbors insist on calling them. But somehow Anoles On A Plane doesn't quite have a Hollywood ring to it, does it?

I have some quality friend and family time planned for this trip too. Lots of time with my daughter and son-in-law and a day and a half with my Mom, brother and sister.

One more gig and some mad bookings to arrange Friday. Preparing lessons for for when I get back.

I'll try to look at some blogs while I'm gone but I'll be at the mercy of somebody else's connection and time. I owe all my faithful readers some time. And when I get some, I'll give it all to you. See you when I see you.

posted by Bud @ 6:38 AM

I REALLY don't want to see naked airline travel, unless that hooters Airline stayed in business a bit longer.
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