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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The MySpace Conundrum

I reluctantly got dragged back into the MySpace thing as a marketing tool. Every musician I know and every wannabe insists that's where I have to be. Okay, already, I'm back there again BUT, I had two false starts. Because their interface is ridiculous and poorly explained. I noticed at least two other musicians I know made the same mistake of setting up a Myspace that was NOT a musician's account and then had to open another one. Yup, I did that too. So now I have to ask all my friends to go to my NEW MUSICIAN'S MYSPACE PAGE and become my friend all over again.

And that's not easy for me to send invites either. Because the search engine is crap. You can't enter a myspace URL into the search engine and land on the person you want. WTF? Also my computer is very confused about which of my pages I am transferring stuff to and from. I'll delete the old one as soon as I have you all onboard the new one.

Okay, I'm up and my new URL is If you're on that dreaded site, I'd appreciate it if you'd become a friend of mine, like you're not already but you know, I don't want to look friendless. Bad for this image I'm trying to manufacture along with the five billion teenagers who collect "friends" like herpes germs.

I'd also appreciate some ratings on the songs I put up there. I'll add more when I have time to sit and watch the little thingy scrolling past like a downtown traffic jam.

Notice I mentioned the word Marketing way up there in the first sentence. I am doing this blog and the MS thing to sell CD's after all. Many of my regular readers have bought them too. If you're new around here or just never got around to it, I should again mention my special offer to my blogger pals:

If you e-mail me at and ask me, I'll send you a CD for only $10. I'll pay the postage for you. I'll sign it as well, Just tell me who you want it signed to.

There are samples of the tunes on the Sounds link on the let side of this page. If you don't care for this kind of music or even if you just think I suck, it's really okay. I don't take it personally. That's something I learned from teaching 10 year olds. There's always somebody who loves you and somebody who hates you. In the same room. Sometimes it's the same person at the same time.

You can see a few reviews of the CD on CDBaby or by our pal Jade at You might even want to write a review yourself. If you do, I'd be inclined to give you a deep discount on the new CD when it comes out.

Here's a special request: I need to have a couple of cool Halloween-ish type songs to play at October gigs. The only ones I can think of are People Are Strange by the Doors and Spooky, which I lost and can't remember but I'll find it. Got any other suggestions? I'm not talking kiddy songs here, okay? Or metal. I do acoustic, ya know.

posted by Bud @ 7:05 AM

Cripes I am not good at music suggestions. Hmmm, Witchy Woman from the Eagles fame?
Yeah, what Lisa suggested! Or how about Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress x The Hollies. I'll put on my big bad witch hat & see what else I can come up with ;D
One friend request coming your way!:)
The Monster Mash! LOL
Outstanding suggestions, Gang! Keep 'em comin'!
"I put a spell on you" (Screaming Jay Hawkins)
"Feed my Frankenstein" (Alice Cooper)
"Hells Bells" (AC/DC)

I'm sure I'll have more soon.

MySpace BLOWS!
I know I have a few good halloween-type songs around. I'll get back to you.
Everyone has to bite the bullet as some time, I fucking *H8* myspace with a passion.

Maybe consider a "Musician Account" at YouTube if you get video content going. They started this a while back.

I still don't get the myspace thing. I like to be the last one, ya know.
Bud: You obviously have tremendous patience as you balance out the reaity of living in the fast-paced, high tech world musicians must confront or else be left behind. So, I commend you. Okay, some Haloween tunes! "Little Red Riding Hood" (remember to use Vibrato), Miserlou, "You're Lost Little Girl" (The Doors), "Me and You and a Dog named Boo", Instrumental from "The Munsters" TV series (BTW Orson Welles and Yvonne de Carlo....never mind, kids may be reading this!), and finally (drum roll on desktop of my hotel room)"Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and "In the Still of the Night" (Ronnie Milsap). So funny! Because the video for that song had Ronnie driving a convertible while he was singing. He was wearing his sunglasses as usual (ALL: In case you are not familiar, Ronnie Milsap is blind and thought this would be a way to have some good fun).
Hello? Werewolves of London? Has that been said?

Is this thing on?
I forgive you for giving into the myspace thing. I believe it is our destiny for us all eventually succumb to it. :P
oy. do I have to do this myspace thing now, too? can I get a pass, bud?
Do I have to do this myspace thing, too? Can I get a pass, Bud?
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