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Thursday, September 14, 2006

NY Trip: Third and Final Part

Cathy took the pictures in this post and the last and I linked other pictures of stuff we neglected to take. Also I have a better link up to my song Tattoo if you've been struggling with that other lamo link.

Saugerties Lighthouse After Cathy arrived in NY, I still got in several sessions with Helen, during which we finished the demo of Tattoo. (This link should work better)). But in between those sessions we got away with our great friend Ed and his girl Cynthia to the Saugerties Lighthouse for an over nighter. It's being run as a B&B. Saugerties is next to Woodstock but sits on the Hudson River. It was a thriving paper mill town in the early part of the last century. I lived there for a few years and used to ride my bike past Big Pink, the famed recording studio crash pad of The Band and Bob Dylan. The first Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, which I attended briefly, was not in Woodstock but about an hour and a half south of there in a town called Bethel. (Now Home of Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center on the site of the original festival). Apparently they couldn't get the town ordinances but they had printed all the tickest and postes so they stuck with the name Woodstock. But the town is still home to many gigantic musicians and famous recording studios. NRS, which I mentioned last time, is one of them but is actually outside of town as well. To be totally honest, if you're in music and you are within a half hour of Woodstock, you claim to be from Woodstock. So before we treked out to the Lighthouse, we had lunch at the famed Little Bear , drove through town which is a late sixties time warp of a place if ever there was one.

Bud on the Saugerties Lighthouse Ah, but this was supposed to be about the Saugerties Lighthouse. We had the run of the place for the afternoon and night and following morning until noon. It only has two bedrooms and we had them both. There's a little museum too. A nice young man named Patrick ran the place and cooked us breakfast. We were amazed when he took off with a Coast Guard friend in kayaks across the river at dusk. We didn't expect him back when night fell but he did arrive and Ed chided him about his lack of life vest and light. "I had it in the boat," he said "and all I had to do is aim for the Lighthouse." Oh, yeah, there's a big light up there. We had a grand time because this thing is way out in the river and you're totally isolated at high tide. The marsh you walk in on becomes unpassable. So I did my best to let the river bring me a song but I only got some scattered phrases. I wrote them down but nothing really to brag about. I did enjoy playing the guitar all over that thing, looking for the muse.

We made our way down to Narrowsburg, NY, passing Bethel on the way. My sister, brother and Mother have been living there for about six years now. It sits on the rapids of the upper Delaware River in the lowest part of the Catskills. Cross the river and they call those hills the Poconos. Extremely warm time with my family and Bree and Josh came down for an overnighter there too. My Mom is going to be 90 this December. Every minute I can spend with her is precious but she is, by her own admission, tired of it all. I hope I get up there again this fall before it snows or in April. It was while we were there that Cathy discovered she had been taking the wrong meds for 10 days. LONG story but clearly an honest mistake that anybody could have made. Her blood pressure climbed up 55 points and when she couldn't put her shoes on, she finally read the pill bottle. A big oops and a trip to the ER and she was on her way to normal. We drove the rental car to Philly where I lost my palm pilot and where the baggage handlers destroyed my iPod. Both have been replaced now. The upside is that I had a pretty good cheese steak in the airport and that it was a direct flight home.

I've been trying to get myself reorganized ever since. Maybe this weekend. Happy Friday.

posted by Bud @ 8:46 PM

I really enjoy reading your blog and your travels. Good job as usual!
That all looks fun. I like the picture of you on the light house with the guitar. That would make a great photo for an album *cough* I mean a cd cover. Did I just show my age? LOL

I love bed and breakfast places. There is an earthy pernal feeling you do not get at a cookie cutter hotel.
Love the lighthouse photo.
That second photo is awesome!
Really great post.
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