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Monday, October 02, 2006

Been Away Again

Spent the weekend on Amelia Island to celebrate Cathy's birthday. spent lots of time with our best pals up there, Davis and Pam Turner or the Davis Turner Band. Davis is way too busy gigging to ever set up a web site. If you're from the north eastern part of Florida, you know about Davis and Pam. They agreed to play on my CD. Davis plays better guitar of all styles better than anybody I personally know in the south. Pam plays superb bass including five string fretless. A sound I really need on some of my songs. These two dear friends would have been on the last CD except Pam became seriously ill with a condition she still fights today. If it wasn't for these two I would not have turned pro as fast as I did. The story is in my Bio if you're interested.

Amelia 2
We had a splendid time although it was odd staying in a hotel instead of the condo which we sold over a year ago. At least we didn't have to clean up after ourselves to get ready for renters. We did that for about 8 years and it got very old despite the fact that our back yard was the Atlantic Ocean. Here's a shot Cathy took of our former view. Oh, yeah, the taxes and fees got pretty old too. So we sold at the top of the market. Now I'm building an add-on studio. But that's another story for later.

Normally I come up with some lyrics while I'm at Amelia. I wrote a lot of my last CD there. This time I was more focused on just enjoying my time with my birthday girl and my friends. I didn't even play any guitar. Pretty relaxing weekend despite the five and a half hour drive up there and then back again.

Amelia 1 We walked out on the fishing pier that juts a half mile out into the Atlantic. Here's another Cathy shot down that pier. We always loved that spot. You feel like you're walking on water. It's especially cool when there's rough water. Once in a while you're treated to an atomic sub sailing by on it's way to or from it's home base in Kingsland, Georgia. Think of a sky scraper floating on its side at about 20 knots. This is also an excellent vantage point to watch ospreys diving for their meal. Dolphins are also as common as seagulls. Manatees are also a fairly common sight around there. One day I'll have to dig up the photo of me standing in a pod of mating manatees. Nothing erotic about it. Trust me.

I juggled all my guitar lessons around this week so we could come back and rest just a bit before I got into it. So once again, I'm in the sticky position of being behind in reading my favorite blogs or posting anything meaningful to this one.

My season is picking up, my lesson schedule continues to grow and we're going to Puerto Rico the week before Christmas. Then all hell breaks loose with my four month busy season. So I'll blog when I can and when I have something to say. Not gonna waste anybody's times with memes and such.

posted by Bud @ 11:18 PM

Hi Bud, glad you had a good time. It's always a good idea for some R&R so you don't burn out. Happy late b-day to Cathy!

BTW, Yes I did hear Tatoo. Very good song! :)
Always some grewat photos!

Hope all is well.
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