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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Go Have a Car Wreck

Tuesday was an extremely mixed bag. I'm not sure how to characterize it. It was a little like reaching into a bag of popcorn and coming up with a foreign object that isn't salty/buttery/crunchy, or like finding something terrific in a smelly pile of garbage. Things started out fine as I taught a guitar lesson to an Indian student of mine who is discovering western music but asked me to find some Indian guitar tabs. I was surprised that I could. He was so pleased that he agreed to learn about barre chords much faster than I had planned to introduce them to him. He's off and running now. I love when that happens. I had to cancel my training session to take this lesson because he has such an unpredictable work session (total corporate indifference to it's workers) that I have to take him when I can. So Tuesday morning it was.

Then I was off to try to find a new battery for my cell phone. The phone is about a year and a half old. Is that supposed to happen? Sucker died. On the way to the store where I bought it. I was sideswiped in the parking lot by a very old man who was backing out of his parking place. Scraped and dented the entire right side of my car. I'm amazed at how calm I was. I approached his car and realized instantly that he was a little slow. Not doddering but a little slow to answer. Still, he knew his address and telephone number but didn't have his insurance card or his registration. I called the cops to get a police report for my insurance company. As I was writing down all his info from his license for my own record, I noticed that he is 94 years old. This is Florida, after all. And just to prove it is Florida, he was recently given the license that is renewable in 10 years. I think I mentioned recently that this is a benefit of "less government." I must have been predicting this incident. I'm so glad that I'll be able to drive well past 100. Parking lots here are like Demolition Derby. Once Cathy saw a man have a stroke in the parking lot and sideswipe several cars. He was unable to unlock the door and respond to his wife who came out of the store to see this happen.

All of this makes me very sad. It's easy to bitch about the old folks but we're all gonna be there and we're all gonna hate like hell when we have to give up things like driving. My Mom got much older, much faster when she gave it up. You sit in front of a TV all day and see how fast your joints and muscles go on a permanent sabbatical. My Mom's gonna be 90 next month. She's not happy to be alive anymore. This is why it's an easy choice for Cathy and I to give up fatty food and other harmful stuff. We workout and do yoga compulsively. If I'm gonna be allowed to drive past 100 here in the great state of Florida, I want to be able to turn my neck around so I don't back into people.

The Science News lately is full of things about cures for cancer and other diseases-- if we ever elect a government that isn't afraid to stop pandering to the anti scientists. We also read about how we can now make stuff invisible. There is also some talk about living for hundreds of years. I'm not sure where I stand on the invisible old guy thing but If I'm gonna be around to see it, I'm gonna have to be able to turn my neck real well to deal with it all because this will require a lot of looking over your shoulder, don't you think? Yoga every day, baby.

I left the crash scene after the poor old guy got three tickets and I got my accident report. I'm still waiting to hear from his insurance company. I hope the dude remembered to pay his premium or I'm stuck for $1000 deductible. Insurance companies are corporations with a license to steal. Just suck it. I went around the corner to the cell phone store to find out they don't sell my company plan anymore and don't carry the parts for the phone they sold me 18 months ago. Big cell phone companies are constantly juggling for position. So it was a case of "handle our phones exclusively or we're out of your store." Radio Shack had taken over the plan and informed me they don't make the phone or the batteries anymore. Another sterling example of what is wrong with big business today. Are you keeping score? It was still before noon when this happened. I had to buy another phone and my plan is up in March when I'll want to upgrade. They better offer me a free phone.

So that was three sucky things in a row after the cool guitar lesson. Then I drove to Fort Meyers to order a new guitar. The drive is ordinarily just over an hour down the interstate. I had to slow down considerably for a forest fire, however. Florida has been very dry without our hurricanes this season. Every up has it's down, ya know?

The reason I had to go all the way to Fort Meyers Guitar Center instead of my usual forty minute excursion to Sam Ash in Sarasota is another corporate boondoggle. I don't know how these games are played but it's obvious that Taylor Guitars, who I am totally loyal to, has preferred venders and Sam Ash isn't one of them. The guitar I need was ordered by Sam Ash in August. No shipment. So Guitar Center said they could get me one in ten days. So I'm doing business with them on this guitar. Soon I may need to make a deal on a bunch of low end student guitars that I can rent out to group classes. I hope Sam Ash can accommodate me. I have nothing against Guitar Center except that it's a huge chunk out of my day to get there and back.

When I got home I learned that the AC guys had come and gone, having finished their work, the inspection for the job was to happen the following day along with the last of the wiring. We are two inspections away from wallboard! My studio may be happening this Christmas after all. As opposed to some Christmas in the future.

So the scorecard for Tuesday did indeed come out in my favor. So if some rude person should tell you to go have a car wreck, you can surely balance that off by buying yourself a guitar. Dead cellphones and long drives and corporate shenanigans will need to be balanced off in other ways. I don't recommend having an addition put on your house, however.

It's late Wednesday and we are over the hump.

posted by Bud @ 4:27 PM

That truly sucks donkey meat. Sorry to hear about all that, Bud.
Wow! What a day you had! I once had an 80-yr old man pull out in a line of traffic I was travelling in and hit me-- totaled my car because he shoved me into the other lane where a dump truck ran over the other side of my car. The old man said he didn't see me. I believed him! LOL!

Glad you didn't get hurt. Days like that are good to look back on where there's room to laugh ;)
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