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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Limbo is Closed, Welcome To Remodeling Hell

I haven't written much about this but I'm living in home remodeling hell. When we sold our condo up on the beach at Amelia Island, we reinvested in our own home by adding a new studio for me and enlarging my old one for Cathy. That process started well over a year ago with an architect who promptly lost our blueprints and screwed up a few other things as well. Naturally we didn't discover the screw ups until recently. When it's too late. This is the way things are done in Florida. It's the price we pay for having gorgeous weather all winter while the rest of the country endures snow, freezing rain and fuel oil bills.

Whenever my contractor says that a sub contractor will be here the beginning of the week to do whatever, I always ask, "Beginning of which week?" It's a legitimate question here. There may be a lot of rednecks on parole in the construction trades here but they're hip to the theory of relativity.

This is also a state that brags about having "less government." That phrase ring a bell? That means that we have no inspections for autos, and ten year drivers licenses are issued to 90 year olds. There are lots of other goodies too that directly effect the environment that the developers continue to destroy on an hourly basis. But I'm not gonna go off on them because my very moving here is part of that problem. Who knew?

So my inability to really get much done but always being in motion is proportional to the size of the room I'm forced to work in now. I moved what I could fit of my old studio into a 10 by 10 guest room, months ago. I don't have everything I need in here because it won't fit. I can't find the rest of it because it's all piled together. Consequently, my music production is zero and so is my writing. My guitars all have scars in them from smashing into things every time I answer a phone, adjust the lights, or scratch my ass for that matter.

I'm hearing that I may be in my new studio by Christmas. I won't be here at Christmas but Santa can have a jolly old time jamming on my stuff. Today I'm skipping Yoga to meet with the audio wiring guys who didn't finish last time. The same ones I stayed home to meet last week. The same ones who didn't show up for that meeting. I'm also told that the AC installers are coming to actually install the new AC. Florida is air conditioned. Unless you work outside, in which case its Gatorade Conditioned or Budweiser Conditioned, depending on your preference and how close your boss works with you.

There are several other major inconveniences due to this construction that I can't even explain in a reasonable amount of space. It would surely stress your attention span. Let me just say it involves flying insects and too many interior doors having to stay closed to preserve the air conditioning that is still working.

No, it's not gonna be a song. It's already an old movie with Chevy Chase, I believe.

posted by Bud @ 1:31 PM

Ah! The Tenth Circle of Hell - or the Money Pit! Having been both a contractor and a sub-contractor in your elongated spit of sand they call a state, I agree that it is pretty much a free-for-all there. Hope it all gets finished soon.
Our household is in it as well and I'm the chief cook-and-bottle washer and it still seems like nothing gets finished in the time allowed. Nature of remodeling I suppose - always fixing the sins that those who've come before us have committed.
Luck to ya!!!
Why not make a studio and add a small stage and room for seating. That way you can just dod gigs from the comfort of your own home.

I know...I'm an idea person.
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