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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back From Puerto Rico, Part Two

Part one was the last post. It's now the morning of New Year's Eve. I've done a gig an party and a workout since then. Tonight there are many parities and then my full gig season completely kicks in. Crazy time is upon us. Here's the rest of the trip story:

Another night we drove about an hour to the town of Fajardo Eat of San Juan, where we boarded an electric powered boat and slowly hummed over a twisty canal through the mangroves to a bioluminescent lagoon. Quite phenomenal. Billions upon billions of one celled creatures called dinoflaggellates favor the conditions of this protected lagoon. When they are touched, by anything, they light up! We watched a greenish glow in the water behind the boat and gradually noticed all the fish swimming just below the surface, all lit up like green glow-in-the -darks. Imagine the spectacle of a ray going by. Then Bree dove in and I got to watch my daughter swimming like a light fairy. I reached over the side and scooped up a handful of light and watched it drip through my fingers. Just call me Zeus. Impossible to photograph this unless you are National Geographic. Cathy is great around a camera but didn't attempt this. I didn't dive in because the idea of diving for an hour and a half in a wet bathing suit full of one celled creatures, just didn't appeal to me enough.

The language thing. If you are growing up in a bilingual household, you have an excellent chance of becoming eloquently bilingual. You might even adopt two appropriate accents. My nephew's kids have accomplished this at ages six and five. If, however, you are an adult, you process learning new stuff on the left side of your brain and your chances are less certain to adopt a second language. This I know is true. How difficult and uncomfortable is it to be in a place where nobody is speaking your language? You should have the experience. How scary is it when you really NEED to know what's being said or written? I think I know now.

San Juan airport dancersThe airport was quite harrowing. If my daughter hadn't heard the number 25 being announced in Spanish around some other words she was less sure of, we'd still be in Puerto Rico eating Mofungo. They changed the gates on us. In Spanish. Some people got lost in that translation or lack there of. We were also an hour late to let the Space Shuttle land. That may or may not have been announced in the airport. Even if it was in English, the chance of hearing it over the mariachi band and dancers would have been slim.

Alejandro and Sophia We had a delightful day at my sister Judy's house near the beach. Her son, Stefan, brought his two children, Sophia and Alejandro and we had a smashing day exploring an old World War Two bunker, and a secret beach. We had a native meal in a seaside restaurant in Naguabo. The owner stayed open for us even though he was closed. His daughters pitched in to cook. Then we had a fifth birthday party for Alejandro with new years hats because that's all we could find. Sophia insisted on cake, hats and noise makers. She can read Happy New Year in two languages so there was no fooling her but she appreciated the effort. It was sad that their mother was working and couldn't join us.

We had many splendid meals with Judy and Stan throughout the week and I had my fill of Mofongo. My body can wait another year or two before I do that again. I'm a no fat kind of guy, after all. "No fat" apparently does not have a Spanish translation. Two percent milk was as close as they dare come on that sunny island.

So here we are home among piles of stuff to put away or throw away. I'm tossing my CD jewel cases in favor of envelopes. Gotta save room. I'm up to the M's and I might have enough room to keep my entire collection and accumulate a few more.

A very busy season of gigs to get ready for. A lot of weight to lose. And songs to write. Always songs to write.

I'm hoping to have some pics and video up soon as I contemplate my yearly renewal of my life goals. Resolutions sound too much like something you have no intention of really keeping. I have life goals! They work, for me, way better than religion. Takes a lot less time, aggravation and money too. And since one of my life goals has always been to avoid conflict, I'm not likely to start a war.

posted by Bud @ 7:27 AM

Sounds like you had a great time, Bud. Here's wishing you and yours the best for a fantastic 2007!
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