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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back From Puerto Rico

Podcrapular Back from our trip to Puerto Rico. I got back to discover that I have been declared Podcrapular by Golf Widow and Andy on their Podcrapular podcast. I love listening to these two. They just get better and better. Funnier and funnier. I put them in my iPod so that I'm sure to listen to them on the run. I rarely have time to sit and listen at home. But that is why they call is a podcast, isn't it? Go there now and subscribe to their podcast.

So I'm back and it took a day and a half to unpack and three solid days moving and sorting stuff into my new , still unfinished, studio. I have not yet read a single blog.

The audio wiring is not done in the studio so I can't actually do any music. But I did jerry-rig the internet connection and moved all my stuff in. Let those guys work around me. They have to install four ceiling speakers with switching, and the speaker selection arrangement to the rest of the house from there. They have to put a workable end on the central vacuum line so I can suck out all the saw dust, etc. Then I have to figure out how to wire all my stuff together to make it usable.

I sorted through tons of accumulated paper work and found there was not that much I could discard. I have years and years of little notes and big notes and pictures drawn by school children. I can't throw that stuff out. That was an important part of what I was actually paid. That stuff validates the last part of my life. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. WAY better than TV or Hollywood recycled crap that you have to pay $9.00 to see. I have to rotate photos that I put out. As I began this writing, Cathy gave me the mail which contained still another photo from a pair of kids who are ready to graduate from High School. I haven't seen them in about 6 years. They just wanted to let me see how they've grown. I only had a small part of helping them grow but I'm thrilled they remember my part. That's why I loved teaching. That's why I'm completely satisfied that I didn't become a journalist or a musician but kept those things as side lines.

PR beachPuerto Rico was beautiful and even warmer than South Florida. The major differences are that coconut palms are the dominant tree as opposed to sable palms. And there are lots of hills and mountains. In Florida, anything higher than six feet is either on a golf course or it's a land fill. PR beach dogs
PR Iguana Here there are no dogs running wild because we have lots of alligators. Their favorite lunch is dog. In PR there are no gators and wild dogs are as common as squirrels. They have a serious problem with iguanas eating shrubs and crops. They are not indigenous there so nothing really eats them accept the occasional lucky dog or a dog who can climb trees.

PR condom world The further you get from San Juan the less likely you are to run into bilingual natives, except in the resorts. My sister lives in a regular upper middle class native community on the south east shore. She manages to communicate but she works at it. Her husband is president of their homeowner's association and not only does lack Spanish but doesn't even pronounce the name of their community correctly. Again, it's better than TV, watching this. We found it impossible to order food in American chains like Chile's. Nothing was in English. We were amused by the signs for Condom World and wondered if we would have difficulty ordering there. "Muchos profilacticos grandes, por favor!"

PR Bud & Bree We took my daughter Bree and son-in-law Josh with us to celebrate Christmas, her completion of her masters degree and student teaching and Josh's successful back surgery. We stayed in a Sheraton in a gated town called Palmas Del Mar. Nice digs. Four dollar coffee. You have no idea how much coffee I drink. Triple digits. Puerto Rico hasn't discovered fat free anything yet and sugar is a major food group. My pants don't fit that well now.

PR dog on roof We spent a day in the rain forest know as El Yunque, a mountain in the clouds that dominates every view toward the center of the island. How to describe such a place. It's mystical for one thing. Very primal sized trees. Lush green hiding the ruggedness of the landscape. Roads that are just too scary when a tour bus or dump truck is coming at you around a blind curve, an event that occurs every two tenths of a mile. They want to build a trolley up there. I hope they don't. Our favorite stop is a roadside cafe with a dog living on the roof. Cathy sipped coconut milk right out of a freshly hacked open coconut. Bree and Josh had more conventional rum drinks. Ice tea for me, the caffeine hound.

I'll post part two in a day or two. Before the New Year, Promise.

posted by Bud @ 10:43 PM

Thanks for being so PODCRAPULAR!

Love the photos from your trip too. Good to have you back. Happy 2007 to you, Bud.
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