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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Okay, Here's the Second Song


BUD: Michael, as a friend of yours I want to help your project for 12 year old Sahara Aldridge by asking just a couple of questions for my readers. I know we have many different bloggers and you have really been on a partial hiatus with blogging since September 15th. But you've also been running 14 to 16 hour days non-stop since November 6th trying to get people to the Rick Springfield Benefit Concert for Sahara Aldridge from your home town to make a positive statement of love and mercy. Where is the project at this moment?

MM: Clearly, the project was dealt a devastating blow from a number of unscrupulous people and unethical acts. A local radio station contact who tried to help me out with public awareness is just heartsick about what has not been happening and he has been--literally--screaming at me to cut my losses and just let this project go. He sees people here locally who were in a position to grant me enormous Television and Radio coverage FROM NOVEMBER 6TH FORWARD that would have really benefitted Sahara Aldridge and their business interest as well--- even in the so-called "Sweeps" (ratings) period. Instead, they gave me the proverbial "back of the hand" and this has sickened him. He even tried to bail me out by approaching a well-heeled source to buy up 54 concert tickets and motel rooms. The plan shifted to getting that done and then giving the tickets away on the air. Our source waffled and then backed away. Fortunately, I had no financial exposure to the concert arena seats being held nor the hotel rooms. Several young women committed to the trip, then stonewalled me by refusing to answer follow up e-mails. Next, the Radio News stations began pulling this same crap. It was awful. The only way I've been able to push ahead and keep a healthy perspective is to turn away from this dark undercurrent and focus stubbornly on the hour-by-hour events as they unfolded. And I did this by bearing in mind what my mandate is. I have promised Sahara and her family that I would be able to bring 56 people from a city of 1.5 million to the benefit concert to demonstrate by our presence that we want to Sahara to beat her cancer and get well! I still believe she can. But as my 87-year old Aunt says, "An outstretched hand must be met with another". When Jimmy Buffet or The Stones tour here, people drop hundreds of dollars, drive hundreds of miles and blow a lot of bread. Here I am dangling a carrot with a mere $35 concert ticket and a $69 hotel room with a FREE ride aboard a $300, 000.00 luxury Tour Bus. Greyhound Bus Lines charges $161.00 per person for the same round trip destination. Yesterday, with the "Sweeps" period over, the Number-One Rated TV News station, WCPO ABC 9 interviewed me on camera. It's true. I have worked night and day in pouring rain, in 19 degree weather, canvassing an area that amounts to a 100 mile radius by car and foot. I'm not trying to outdo Mother Theresa or gain a blue ribbon. I'm doing this from my heart. My focus now is: "Can I salvage this project?" The next 48 hours will tell. I'm beyond exhaustion. But I have no regrets. None whatsoever. I did the right thing and I still have hope.

BUD: Can you briefly sum up what has gone right out of this huge set back?

MM: I can! Here are the positives. Mayor Mark Mallory has granted me a Proclamation to make this Friday "Sahara Aldridge Day" in Cincinnati and that was major! Next, I managed to bring aboard four Fed Ex/Kinkos store managers to cover my expenses for computer rentals, faxes, e-mailing and production costs associated with the Tour Bus signage and so much more. This expense alone has exceeded $3, 000.00. Cleveland Sports Talk Internet Radio owner Paul Belfin has deployed 2.7 million e-mails nationwide, and 127,000 targeted emails to Ohio residents. Plus he's running a commercial twice an hour 24/7 until the event begins. Missouri television, radio, newspapers and magazines interviewed me even on Election Day and beyond! Without going into the details of all the one-on ones, and the exhaustive visits to churches and industry to "work smarter", at the end of the day we have reached a staggering 3.7 million people who now know about this trip. So, let's see where the TV news coverage lands us. I still have faith. And I MUST stay squarely focused on the here and now. Not yesterday or tomorrow--at least in terms of bringing in this project. There will be time for debates later. Now is the hour for positive life-affirming action only. The final chapter may still have a positive ending.


Now back to our regularly scheduled blog:

I realized I should get this next song up and explain it fast before I have to spend the rest of the week answering queries about when it's okay to listen to the next song. You're all so obedient.

Can't Leave My Mind is the second song that came to me spontaneously, words and music together. And it came the day after I wrote the last one. This process is starting to take root but I'm not going to depend on it 100%. I'll take songs in any way the come. As I wrote several posts ago, I had just brought home my new Taylor GS and this song leaped out of it at me. It's about how Cathy is never really gone. Naturally, this song, like all songs, took over and wrote itself at some point and it started being a little more general/universal. So it works on a lot of other levels for different people.

I just did two tracks of guitar and one vocal take. Again, it was late at night so there were no contractors banging things around. I often sing way better than that. Like when I'm awake for instance. Had a terrific gig at Bella Luna last night and Deja served me up just enough iced coffee to supercharge my performance.

Can't leave my mind is the second song down. I hope you'll give a listen.

Good chance my new studio will be 85% done by the end of this week.

posted by Bud @ 10:49 AM

Great tune. I can completely identify with how a new instrument can lead you down new paths musically. Taylor makes wonderful instruments - nice!
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