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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Thanks enormously to all of you who have been so kind to listen and comment about the new songs I posted. They are very rough vocally at this point and I'm grateful you were able to overlook that to just see where I am with them at this point. Nothing is ever finished, nothing is ever perfect and nothing lasts forever. Wabi Sabi. You've all been very encouraging and I'll plug along to try to get a real recording done for the new CD.

My Particular Brand of Weirdness
If this were a weird-thing-about-me meme, I'd have to admit that I don't pay much attention to holidays. I don't get at all pumped up about them or decorate or go out of my way to do special things. I usually remember to wish everybody who cares a happy (fill in the name of the holiday here) and attend things I'm invited to unless they involve religion or Christmas carols. I avoid singing Christmas songs at my gigs and don't try to book many things too close to the holidays. I don't consider myself a humbug because that implies too much overt activity. I just don't care to exert much energy toward it all. I don't get involved in the ongoing debate about Christmas greetings and decorations in public places. If my utter indifference causes outrage, it is one more sign that we really need a secular government. Believe whatever the hell you want but please don't try to legislate it.

I'm not sure what the reasons are for the way I feel nor do I care to exert the energy to find out. I don't know what feelings my attitude or lack of attitude generate in other people. If it's particularly bothersome to them, I trust they'll get over it as I don't go off on their beliefs or life styles that differ from mine.

Studio Update
I've been very preoccupied with getting the new studio finished I think by Christmas it should be mostly done enough for me to actually teach guitar in there and work on music but I'm not positive all the audio wiring will be operational. I'll try to post video when there is something to show.

Leaving On A Jet...
One more gig this Wednesday and then we're off to Puerto Rico on Sunday for about a week to visit my sister and her family. Taking my daughter and son-in-law to celebrate her finishing her masters degree and student teaching. A biology teacher she will be. And okay, we'll celebrate Christmas too as my sister's grandchildren will be around. What can you bring precocious bilingual children who already have everything?

As soon as I get back, my season begins in earnest with several gigs a week and lessons as usual. This runs until Easter. This is when I make the bulk of my music money and it'll finance the new CD and help pay off some of the new studio.

My postings will be thin but I'll continue to read each of you. I hope you have a fantastic holiday season and that your new year starts off with all good intents. Decide to make the best of it and the best it will be. That's really the core of my belief system. It's always worked for me. Do whatever works for you. Cheers!

posted by Bud @ 8:32 PM

Sounds like the studio is making serious progress, can't wait to see it. Happy Travels as well Budman. NINjoy those fancy cigars.
Good to hear the studio is progressing nicely.

Holidays, Schmolidays! Have a good time and be nice to people all year.
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