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Sunday, January 07, 2007

BuCarie Debut

What a weekend. Three very fun gigs. Many guitar students. No recording but some lyric work on a new song. Again a few too many parties. But I'm back to bike riding and weight training.

One of my students, James, has been writing songs and he's really taking off. We're working on one together. Some day in the not too distant future, we'll share it here. His wife, Vashti, is also a classical guitar student of mine. She's lately taken more of an interest in songs that are not classical but apply some classical technique. I love this melding of styles and techniques for the way it stretches my thinking. I don't think I’ve ever practiced a piece of classical music that didn't give me a riff idea that spun off a melody idea that eventually either became a song or it's sitting there waiting for me to finish. I'm not a classical guitarist by any stretch of the definition. My finger style was taught to me by a fine classical guitarist, Helen Avakian. And I teach the beginning level of the art. But the real lesson here is that we all should look beyond our usual way of looking at and doing things if we want to escape any kind of rut we may be in or heading toward.

Bucarie at Bella Luna

At Bella Luna Cafe, Saturday night, I had such a fun gig. My young friend Carie Pigeon, who is going to sing on my CD, drove down from St. Petersburg and we had a quick, Cathyesque dinner. Which is to say yummy, light and nutritious. We worked on three songs together for about twenty minutes and then went to the gig.

Something about this place turns me on. I always feel like putting more out there. Carie's backup vocals and little lead guitar fills were exquisite. I can't wait to work with her again. I'll drop in on her Bella gig Saturday after my Althea's gig. We decided after people said they liked our sound together, that we would call ourselves Bucarie (long u sound and accent on the car) if we worked together as an act. That name kind of demands some world music, I suppose. I am buying a tongue drum to complement the one my producer Mark Zampella got. It should show up someplace on the CD.

I will make every effort today to clean up a recording or two. Then we're off to an Eastern Orthodox Christmas party. Eighty people. Good chance somebody will fall into the pool or at least drop some spanocopita in there.

Happy Monday everybody. Stop wishing them away, it's one seventh of your life!

posted by Bud @ 5:45 PM

That's OK....I've always considered Thursday to be Monday in our biz...
I've never heard of spanocopita, but you said the magic words: feta cheese:)
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