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Thursday, January 25, 2007


A lot of my studio stuff is working now thanks to an amazing sound tech I got to meet through Sound Advice where I bought the last of my equipment. I'm extremely lucky to have a guy who has been a touring musician and knows his way around all the stuff I want to do. Tony has an amazing story to tell but I wouldn't do it here without his permission. It involves finding his biological parents and siblings after 28 years to discover that they are all in the music business. His sister is a big name local blues singer who just finished a tour with another very big name band. I not only found a very capable sound tech but a friend. And a bass player. Haven't met sis yet but it's gonna happen.

The problems I still have to iron out are mostly things I can do on my own. I'm still waiting for the cabinet people to give me a couple of doors and a drawer and another cabinet because, you know, you can never have enough places to hide stuff. The window people have to put in some custom window treatments and storm film. Damn, I hate calling that stuff window treatments. It's a code for, "We are going to overcharge you--big time." But there is no choice. I have a crescent shaped window with a southern exposure. I have to have it covered or continue wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap every time I sit down to work. The landscaping has started but that will drag on for a while. Cathy's new room is spectacular. She inherited my old studio, enlarged it and redecorated. It serves as her office and can convert quickly into a guest room.

When the hole thing looks good, I'll post something. Possibly video. More probably pix.

Things did not turn out exactly as I planned but I'm happy with it anyway. I tend to dream big. If things don't turn out, I adjust my dreams. I don't send in more troops or try to change the subject about something I know nothing about. That would make me look like a total dufus, wouldn't it?

Still trying to iron out the production plan for the CD. It's making me antsy. I should write a song but Dave Matthews already did "Ants Marching."

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