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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time of the Month?

Jay of Kill the Goat got me thinking about cycles. Although she was obsessing on a cycle that gives her intense pizza cravings, I started thinking about cycles of energy. Life on Earth seems more chaotic than it is, I sometimes think. The tides are quite even and predictable as are the phases of the moon and planetary motion. Mercury is starting its retrograde soon which astrologers say is a cycle during which we are most likely to see mechanisms break down. If that is true I tend to think it has more to do with the people who run and maintain the mechanisms. People, clearly don't pay much attention to what's actually important. As a life form we probably suffer from overconfidence in our intelligence. So things get very fouled up. Like the environment, like the "war on Terrorism," like the Rosie/Donald feud.

I once successfully used a commodities trading system that was based on tidal motion. It worked well. (But not so well that I wanted to continue risking investments. I'm more of an explorer than a gambler.) It had more to do with each individual commodity's history of change superimposed on the tidal cycles. It gave some basis for predictability. So I think it's possible to plot the cycle of anything that has a cycle or is plottable and superimpose it on such a known cycle as the tides or the moon or whatever. And possibly come up with a general prediction. The problem, of course, is in plotting a cycle of something like the rise of insanely stupid politicians, the popularity of extremely vacuous celebrities, or my ability to make two words rhyme that are not moon and June along with a tune that is not Mary Had a Little Lamb.

I wonder if things that run in cycles that we can or cannot plot, will be thrown into utter chaos as the earth warms even more and our natural cycles are thrown off. We are already seeing more pestilence and bacterial and viral phenomena because of the climate shifts. While performing Friday night I was bitten on the forehead by a mosquito. Few things will throw you off the beat more certainly than that. It is possible that reggae was born that way. Mosquitos usually take January off here in Florida. They hop on a Carnival Cruise or something and come back with diseases. Is there anybody out there who hasn't noticed some unnatural weather taking place near them?

I've always been a very fortunate person. Maybe it's just my attitude. But I think it's entirely possible that I'll write what should be a monster hit song or collection of songs just in time for an insect borne epidemic that leaves most of the world's population deaf.

I better write faster.

posted by Bud @ 3:02 PM

Icebergs off the south of NZ, Bud!
[large toke]Are you playing the guitar? [second toke] Or is the guitar playing YOU? [exhale. giggle. eat something crunchy.]
We had the slightest misting of hardly snow in various areas of San Diego this weekend.
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