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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Am Too Still Alive

I'm a song writer. So the tendency to be gathering material for songs is natural. I have lots of notebooks and journal entries on the subject. I have countless scraps of paper with chord progressions and riffs strewn about my studio. I have more software than I can use. I belong to too many music sites, some of which I pay for. And then there's the equipment. Let's not go there. I haven't the time.

Time, in fact is the issue here. I have recording dates for June and July. The preparation for that is overwhelming. I don't want to get in the studio and practice. How do you spell KA CHING? Is that right?

I spent four hours trying to score a song on some software yesterday. Just to make it easier for the string arranger who must write a cello part. Or two. I still don't have the score in usable form. I'm gonna have to fall back on hand notation rather than spend any more time trying to make software behave the way I want it to.

My life has become more of a ticking clock than I've ever been aware. So I have to manage those ticks more carefully until this project is finished.

I have to stop writing new songs and just concentrate on what I have.

I have to stop learning old songs for gigs. I never memorize them anyway. I'm brain damaged that way.

I have to stop surfing the web for useless crap.

I have to curtail my blogging activities and bring them down to about an hour a week.

Then I can get my stuff done.

So I'm not going away. I'll just sit out a few dances. Jump in every once in a while and shake that thang.

Love you all.

posted by Bud @ 3:59 PM

Not that anyone other than you will hear it, but with your permission you know we'll happily play some of your tunes, new or old, on the Podcast.
I can completely relate. Lately blogging has felt like more of an obligation than a release. I don't want to tire of it completely, but it's a good idea to take a step back when you feel that way, too.
Ohhh! And you know we love you too Bud. I'm glad you've decided to focus on what gives you such pleasure, and I hope your newfound dedication brings you much in the way of a return. Don't worry Bud, when you're ready to dive back into the blogging madness, we'll still be here.
I can TOTALLY relate, Bud. These are all the same reasons I haven't been blogging lately. There are only so many hours to the day! I look forward to hearing the new CD... and if there's anything I can do to help, let me know! xo
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