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Friday, September 21, 2007


My latest weight loss plan involves at least an hour of heavy aerobic a day. Advanced Yoga three times a week. Weights two or three times a week. I think mildly bingeing once a week actually helps too. Because I'm down a pound lower than when I went away to NY last weekend and ate myself silly for four days. Normally I'm at about 17 fat grams a day and an equal balance of protein/carbs. Pretty low cal. Six small meals a day. I think every person has to figure out what their body wants to stay trim. I've had it figured out before but things change as you advance. See what I did there? A simple swapping of A words. Does that make me an A-hole?

Twice a week my aerobic is spinning. I've also taken to jogging in the pool as a second aerobic during the day if time allows. I can't say that gets my heart pounding but it's kind of fun and better than sitting on a couch. Jitka, my lovely trainer, is taking Patrik back to the Czech Republic on Monday to be baptized without me. I did find my Baptismal certificate in a pile of other meaningless papers. So the Eastern orthodox church in Prague will take a look at that and name me THE GODFATHER. I love the irony in that. I am my own god and in that I hold only myself responsible for my existence. It's complicated but essentially, I'm just one lucky pile of chemicals digging my various molecular interactions with the other piles I encounter. That's not a basis for any kind of church, so don't get any ideas. Anyway, Jitka will be happy I'm getting back into shape before she leaves me to my own devices for a month. And I will be the best Godfather ever. I promise not to order a hit on anybody. Patrik will be a Czech/Irish guitar god by the time he's 15. I have it all planned.

I had a long animated video conference with my granddaughter, Stella, last night. Animated because she doesn't have a lot of words yet and she was heavily gesturing with her dinner as we spoke. I've had avocado tossed in my general cyber direction. I do cherish the moment. And I love my web cam. I ought to learn how to use it for other things not involving self-produced porn. Anybody know how to improve the sound quality? I could be doing music videos with it.

It just occurred to me that becoming both a grandfather and a godfather in the same year makes me a G-Father. There, that's my title.

posted by Bud @ 7:31 AM

Good luck with the dieting! I need to get inspired enough to dedicate an hour a day to aerobics - I do a half hour 3-4 times a week and get all proud of myself for it!
You're also a great writer. Your lots of cool G's and B's.
Your regimen is so well thought out. I wish I kept to such a strict schedule!
I could relly use some diet tips..I have backed on the pounds as of late!
Great stuff! Can I borrow Jitka?
do you have a daughter who's getting married anytime soon? I have some 'favors' to ask. ;)
The G-father, lol, cute!!

OMG, hour of aerobics EVERY day? Sheesh, sweetie!! - You're gonna be one lean, mean, tight G machine. LOL

suuuch a cute pic of you and lil Stella... you look so happy! =)
i exercised.


we gparents have to stick's just you'll look better than i do.
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