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Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm not a shop-a -holic. I'm not. Unless I'm in a big music store. Or even a good medium sized one. Okay, even little stores that have something quirky going on. Nearly bought a quatro in Puerto Rico once. That little joint in the hill country outside Austin also got me for some picks and devices.

So I'm in Sam Ash Music Center today. Because Cathy said I should go and get what I need. She didn't put a limit on me. She even suggested a down payment on a really fabulous Taylor 914ce. I learned a long time ago not to EVER second guess her on those moments. When she says, "Why don't you get a..." I'm out the door before she can finish the sentence. Who knows, maybe she said "Why don't you get a life?" Does "life" rhyme with "guitar?"

I have never ever raised a stink or an eyebrow at anything Cathy bought for herself. I trust her judgment and even her impulse buys. I guess that's why she encourages me to go crazy from time to time. I'm not gonna question it or wonder why. I'm putting my money down on a fabulous guitar that is made of the last of the primo Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce. There's only a four year supply of that good stuff left on the planet. After that, those of us with the foresight to buy it will have the last of it. I'm getting a custom neck too. I have little hands. You know what they say, little hands are busy hands. Or something. Little hands, deep pockets? Not sure what they say. I say, I'm headin' up the highway to make this deal.

Oh, yeah, I need a new recording software, Digital Performer 5. Protools crapped out on my new operating system and I should also look into--somebody stop me! Just try.

posted by Bud @ 10:52 AM

little hands, good guitar?

only four years left, and then??? extinction??

call your guitar 'dino'

Yay new guitar.

Don't ask me on recording software. I'm broke. I use Audacity.
This is definitely one of the more fun shopping sprees I've heard of!
When Mary says go get yourself...........I'm like you, out the door and gone. Got my new golf clubs that way. Of course, she can get anything she wants any time without worrying about any objections from me.
oooooooooo! Congrats!
We need pix of the new guit-baby!! =)
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