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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Back from New York with nothing but pretty memories and work well done. I spent quality time with every member of my family and I finished my recording work on the CD.

I don't miss the Mid Hudson Valley where I spent most of my adulthood because I love living in Florida so much. But Cathy and I realized that it was the first time we were there in September without having to work. It was pretty damn nice! September weekends for teachers are not weekends at all. They're just extended prep times.

Bud&Stella So we had a fabulous time in a Catskill mountain resort for four days. My sister rented an entire resort hotel for the wedding. It was a big old rambling Victorian wood structure with an amazing porch, an indoor pool, a tennis court and, I kid you not, a six lane bowling alley. The bride, my niece, brought her dog who had the run of the place, including the dining room. So we had a hundred and fifty family and close friends just taking the joint over for four days. And a more diverse crowd would be impossible to assemble. Every race, creed, political and sexual persuasion as well as age group was represented. It IS a small world after all. There were no fist fights or even arguments. There were even Yankees and Red Sox fans there during a three game series of those two battling for a pennant race. Nobody poured beer on anybody.

I got to spend some time with Stella, my granddaughter. We even danced. My 91 year old mother got to see her for the first time. It was sweet. I'm determined to get out to California more often to see Stella. And her parents.

On Sunday we drove down to West Point to visit Cathy's niece and her amazing family. We love those guys so much. The weather was perfect and we took a leisurely walk through the Hudson side of the post. The youngest, Jake, climbed on every ancient canon they had. We stayed at the Thayer Hotel, a rather famous edifice on the post that has catered to far too many famous statesmen and soldiers to name.

Our flight home was uneventful. The airline opened my guitar trunk and didn't steal my Taylor. For that I'm always grateful.

I redid vocals on three songs in the studio and now I'm happy. I can't wait to hear the final mix with the back up vocals by Helen Avakian and Beth Reineke. We are probably a month from all that being finished. So I'm left to work on the packaging and promotion angles.

Trying hard now to return to some normal schedule around here with constantly shifting lesson times and gigs and rehearsal and working out and just taking care of the music business. Did I use the word normal? Did that describe normal? Frantic is normal for some of us, I guess.

posted by Bud @ 10:04 AM

Welcome home.
Also, I think I had that coat.
Really enjoyed reading about your trip... sounds like you had a fun AND successful one! =)
ps. Ya don't wanna hear what "normal" is around these parts either. LOL
have i got a boy for her.

let's talk dowry.
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