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Monday, September 10, 2007


Getting back in shape wears me out. My summer started with a NY studio trip (read that-restaurant food every meal) interrupted by a cruise and then another three week NY studio trip. I gained ten pounds. I've lost six of that in the past two weeks and I'm worn out and stalled. I'd like to lose two more pounds before Thursday when we fly back to NY for one more studio date and a wedding. This could easily be a five pound weekend. I'd kind of like to do my album cover photos without the frightened blow fish look. Know what I mean?

Here's what I love about the studio process: you get to collaborate and the production leaves you with textures you hadn't thought of in your songs, making a far more complex and satisfying listen. Here's what I hate about the studio process: You have to learn how to play your songs all over again to sound a bit more like the production.

Are there a lot of people out there who believe that most studio productions are done in one take? Every song you hear on a CD is a edited version of many many takes done over the course of days. Or even weeks if you have the money. And that doesn't include the time spent on mixing and mastering. There's a lot of cut and paste involved in any good production. When it's done, the artist or artists have to learn how to sound like the record.

In my case, since I'm a solo acoustic act, I have to come up with arrangements that come close and are actually doable for one person. There will be times when I use the backing tracks but other times when that's not really doable. Or even desirable. Did I ever mention what a slow learner I am? A slow growing late bloomer. At least I don't look my age. Or act it. Oh, yeah, and I get to do this while suffering from diet/workout fatigue.

I should be booking more gigs for the fall and early winter but I have too much to do with this project. I have to sell a ton of these things but you have to sound good before you can sell them right?

This weekend should be an absolute blast, though. First of all, I'll be with my family. Including my granddaughter, Stella. My 91 year old mother will get to meet Stella for the first time. And we all hope not the last. Seeing my niece get married (to a musician no less) will be a thrill. I love to see her glow. I can remember dancing her two year old self around the room and telling my sister, "I want one of these." As luck would have it, my first wife was carrying Bree who was to become my little sack of sugar powder. And, yes, I wrote a song with that line in it. Coming soon to a CD provider near you, blah, blah, blah.

We'll end the weekend by driving down to West Point to spend some time with Cathy's niece and her amazing family. Army brats, the lot of them. We love them all so much! We'll get to see how a colonel at The Point lives. That's one beautiful place too. And, no, there are never any discussions about the surge, the timing of the withdrawal, the body count, Bush jive or any such thing. It's refreshing to feel family love and forget the world outside. Except for my studio finale, that's what my weekend is all about.

posted by Bud @ 3:36 PM

Good luck with the last two. Though I doubt it's that noticeable on you!
I'm still struggling with ten too many.
I've been doing a vegan experiment for a few days, which I think will work.
Happy trails & have fun!

... but one of the things I luv about seeing bands & musicians live is when they DON'T sound like a xerox of the studio album! LOL
aww Bud, you're such a sentimental sweetie.

Enjoy your trip and bask in that glow!
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