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Monday, October 08, 2007


When I miss all my friends in Blogland, I know it's a good thing. It means you're busy. Busy is usually good. Unless you're busy because you're in court answering charges for some heinous crime. Or busy undergoing surgery. Or giving birth, or taking care of those you gave birth to. Or dealing with your actual job. Or looking for an actual job. Or moving, like D-man and Quin. Or getting back into the podcast business like Andy and Golfwidow. Or starting a Rock band like Dawn.

Or organizing the launch of a new CD like Deni Bonet. And Me. There's no end to the stuff we have to do. I'll spare you the boring stuff and just try to report on the exciting stuff. If anybody throws underwear at me during a performance, you'll read it here first. But that's months off. So I'm just working on the boring parts now. It's tedious and did I mention boring? I mean, I'm excited but it'd be boring for you to read.

So if you have a decent internet hookup, you could listen to several of the other album studio roughs that I put up on a makeshift electronic press kit so I could enter some songs in a few songwriting contests. If you get to hear any and have a comment, I would sure appreciate hearing about it. Because the main thrust of the boring stuff I'm doing is organizing publicity. So I'm collecting positive words and thoughts. There are still about four songs you haven't heard yet. And remember, these six are roughs. Not the final mix by any means. No backup vocals either except for one, Crowded Memory, in which, Helen Avakian, haunts me with her voice.

If you have time, click here View Bud Buckley's EPK
and then click Audio.

I know I've left out the trials and tribulations of many of you. Real life is busy and that's good. Think of the alternative. Being busy is WAY better than being wormfood.

posted by Bud @ 7:37 AM

Need quotable words to collect?
How 'bout this? =)

Bud Buckley... A folksy acoustic musician w/a sexy voice who transports you from ethereal memories to toe-tapping smiles, and many heart-warming places inbetween!

♥ the new tracks, sweetie!!!
Truly enjoyed listening. Thx for sharing! =)
New tracks are good amigo. you are very correct busy is better than not fogging the mirror. busy keeps our noggins from getting too dark or too light.
Hear it first? When the first underwear come flying at you, I want to see photos : )!
i've sat here, all morning in my little 428 square feet... listening to you sing.

nice way to spend the am.
Oh Bud! To have dreams of women tossing underwear? I'm so happy for you!

Lovely, lovely, lovely songs.
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