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Thursday, October 04, 2007


That was a busy food-filled weekend that didn't' end until Tuesday. It was Cathy's birthday and her daughter surprised her by flying in Saturday from San Jose. As in California. We ate out a lot. I did okay except for the bread. Get me inordinately hungry and make me wait for a meal. Then put bread on the table. I'll eat the bowl before I read the menu. I still worked out everyday so I didn't gain too much.

I have a tentative order in on the guitar I mentioned last time. Since it's a custom job, they have to give me an offer sheet. They are a little backed up with that apparently. I'm selling two other guitars to help defray the cost. That should take care of the neck alone. It's really not that bad. A moderately priced cello costs five times what I'm likely to pay for this.

I've been very busy with promotion for the new CD. Also planning a cover design and some videos. Talked to Helen Avakian and Beth Reineke at the Studio this week. They will put the backup vocals on October 14. Then the final mix begins. If you'd like to hear some studio roughs that I entered in some song writing contests, you can click the SonicBids link:
View Bud Buckley's EPK
View Bud Buckley's EPK

That takes you to my Electronic Press Kit (still unfinished). Then you hit the audio button. These are unmixed roughs. Most of them will have backup vocals and a much better mix. Scott Petito has few equals in the business when it comes to tasteful mixes.

You can hear some of Deni Bonet's violin work in there but she gave me so much great stuff that day that Scott hasn't even picked what might be the best tracks yet. Deni was phenomenal. Wait to you hear her new CD! You're gonna love it.

We're still talking about a December release date. So much to do, so little caffeine.

posted by Bud @ 8:11 PM

Congrats on keeping the weight gain at bay in spite of the temptation of the bowl of bread ... it gets me every time : ).
I'm SO with you on the bread thing. And if there's butter on the table...

Things are obviously busy, but it all sounds like fun.
Awww, happy belated birthday to Cathy! =D

*Homer Simpson voice*
m-m-m-m! breeeeeead! LOL
(a lil bit every now & then won't hurt ya! ;) )
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