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Sunday, October 28, 2007


I seem to have conquered my productivity crisis. So much so I haven't been hanging around blogland much.

I've gone back to setting goals and daily to do lists. It's working very well. But I'm often either too busy to blog or too tired from being too busy.

I thought I would have had something new to report but all I can report is that stuff is happening but not yet.

Mark Zampella and I planned a CD cover and a music video. The photo shoot is Thursday. Preparing for the photos has been very involved. I spend more time at the gym than at the table. Hair, clothes and stuff are also in the mix for things to accomplish.

Scott Petito plans to start the mix of he CD first week in November and take a week to get to the first draft.

It's very hard to plan bookings until I have an actual release date.

I have new guitar students that are always fun. Keeps me extra busy.

Got a Veterens' Day picnic to play. Getting some appropriate songs ready. Any suggestions out there? I'm not into the heavy patriotic stuff. You can love your country and honor your vets without cliche' rhymes, three chord songs and excessive flag waving. Toby Keith I am not. This is a rather liberal gathering as I understand it, anyway.

Still wrestling with new recording software and a new mic. The latter (Earthworks) is amazing. The software manual, however, is putting me to sleep. Here's a hint to technical writers: Nobody but humorless geeks are impressed with geekspeak. Just give me a list of how to's. In common English. Pretend you're explaining it to your little brother or sister.

Lot of social stuff going on in between all the rest of my must do list items. You have any idea what it's like to serve snacks and not eat them? I want an award for mental fortitude, or courage or just shear stubborness, for eating double salad and carrot puree instead of canaloni. I chewed gum and served asiago cheese and bagel chips to my guests. I routinely burn more calories than I eat. And Jitka isn't even in the country to kick my ass. Oh, well, top physical conditioning is it's own reward, I guess. I bought several pairs lf pants today. Waist 29. In the boys department. See, told you I was busy.

posted by Bud @ 11:52 AM

Josh has set up a recording studio on my computer. He's using Audacity and some other software he bought. It's coming along great!

You've got to do at least one good Thank God I'm an American song you know? Look what it did for Lee Greenwood. You can write how lucky you are to be able to drive a gas-guzzling SUV even though you've used up your kids college money to pay for the gas-- Cause you're an American baby!
Wow! This is all really exciting stuff. I can understand not being on here much...i think i show that all the time.

I also want to apologize for not emailing back. Its been a bit hectic. The only emails I respond to at this moment are work related.
I have NEVER been able to serve snacks and not eat them. That's why 5 am finds me doing crunches and sit ups on my living room floor : ).
I'm still in a block musically, glad to hear you're taking steps to get your mojo moving.
It looks as though we are going through the same stuff right now. Only your stuff is fun and creative and my stuff is well...just stuff.
Are you trying to be a stick man? I bet you poop sprouts, don't you? ;D

Hey, I suggest pick the theme song to MASH on your gee-tar at the Vet bash. They always seem to enjoy that one.
goals & daily to do lists are on my agenda, too! ;)

29 waist?! - holy hell, hon, don't waste away to nuthin', now! Gah, physical fitness doesn't necessarily mean getting your clothes in the boys' dept... that for lil bits like ME to do. LOL! ;)
waist 29?

you rock, you rock.
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