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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This catch up game wears me out. Back from a long weekend in the San Francisco Bay area. Cool little burg called Point Richmond outside of Oakland. Not far from Berkeley where we spent some time. Had such a fun time with my son, Jason and his wife Anne and of course their adorable child, my Granddaughter, Stella. Stella is very athletic and loves to dance. We took her to a music class in Berkeley that involved parents and their toddlers in various singing and movement activities. The dude who runs that for hours every day is a saint. The reason I never taught primary grades is because I was always just one Hokey Pokey away from blowing my own brains out. But it was fun watching Stella and her Dad. I did get a tambourine solo. I rocked.
Stella iphone

Stella (above)figured out how to scroll photos in my iPhone the instant she touched it. The thing was clearly designed for toddlers. I brought Stella a book called What Did the Polar Bear Say, or something. She loves to do animal sounds and can do a very credible dog, monkey, horse and pig. Lion is also in her repertoire. When we got to walrus, she was stumped until I taught her that a walrus says, "Goo Goo Goo Joob." I personally love that she can say that but not Grandpa. Next time I see her, I'm sure she'll have other words for me.

Jason and I fiddled with some music while Stella was napping one day. He posted a YouTube of our Radiohead jam. He hadn't played bass in quite a while. I didn't even know this song, "Lucky," until ten minutes earlier. I look at it and smile a lot. Bonding at it's best always involves music, in my mind.

I arrived home late Monday to find a semifinal version of my CD. Helen and I are discussing a few refinements. I'm really happy with it. I had amazing people around me for this one. Still aiming for Christmas for a release but if it's not ready, I'm not rushing it.

Cathy and I are not big on tradition. We'll spend Thanksgiving with some close friends. We're extremely thankful for our lives every minute of every day. I hope all of you have a splendid holiday and wake up every day hereafter and feel thankful that you did indeed wake up.

posted by Bud @ 12:27 AM

I'm thankful to know you. You rock.
BUD!! I wish you would have stayed a little longer.. I am heading to SF this weekend to meet the the bf's parents. Adorable granddaughter!! You sound great as usual. Have a happy thanksgiving!!
What Golfwidow said : ). And Stella is precious! Happy holiday to you and yours.
Hope you had a great T-Day, Bud. Thanks as always for reading and being my friend.
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