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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Cathy and I took a long overdue weekend to celebrate her b-day of six weeks ago to Fort Myers Beach and Naples, Florida. Not a long drive but we rarely get down that way. The weather here is too beautiful to describe. It's probably better than any of yours. Sorry for you.

We stopped at the summer home and laboratory of Thomas Edison. His body of work is staggering. There's no other way to put it. Strangely, this humanitarian was close friends of Henry Ford who had the adjoining estate. Henry was a father of the industrial age, to be sure but no humanitarian. What WAS he thinking when he accepted Nazi Germany's highest award from the Furher himself? And then there were the mobsters he hired as line bosses for the assembly line. I love the story that his wife threatened to leave him if he didn't recognize the union there. Mary Ford is the fairy godmother of the UAW as far as I'm concerned.

Amazin' Walter's Castle Our idea was to stay on the beach near the sand castle contest. I can't get over that people devote a large chunk of their lives in this particular artistic endeavor as the creations get knocked down at the end. The weather wouldn't be kind to them anyway. But that's their appeal. How DO they get sand to do that stuff? I watched them and couldn't believe it. There were artists there from Canada. Canada? They have beach sand in Saskatchewan? Who knew? Does sand sculpt like snow? Here are just a couple of shots. To see more, visit my Flikr site.

Atlantic City Rescue Comes to Ft. Meyers Fort Meyers Beach is one lovely beach if you are a beach person. Which I'm not but I like to visit. I love walking the beach in the early morning before it fills up. When we owned a beach condo on the other corner of the state, I had a morning ritual of walking until the sun came up and then swimming with whatever dolphin swam by. Did that until somebody pointed out that it is also shark feeding time. But it was cool while my ignorance was still bliss.

Primate After the sand castles we drove down the coast to Naples. Very high class area with way too many Jags and Benzes per capita, if you ask me. We went to visit the zoo because Cathy collects zoos. It was quite beautiful for it's plantings. The animals were mostly asleep or on vacation. The primates were terrific fun however. Each kind living on their own little island which we chugged around in a boat.

We found it interesting that there were a number of development projects carved out but stopped. Florida is run by developers and they are finally realizing that they ran out of people willing to spend that money on overpriced real estate. Maybe the federal government isn't calling it a recession but we are. Lot of layoffs and businesses closing. It will be interesting to see how it impacts my music business. I booked about five country club gigs which will more than make up the difference of two of the coffee houses I usually play that no longer have live music.

Time will tell. This is supposed to be a lucrative period for me. It's in the stars.

posted by Bud @ 8:47 AM

it all looks good, Bud!
Wow, so much time and effort into sand sculptures that don't last forever! They are so impressive, too!
Sounds like you had yet another pleasant and beautiful vacation w/your wife!
Those sand artists are amazing! Fort Myers/Naples is really beautiful this time of year, isn't it. Although it's still fairly warm here, I'd rather be there for a week or 2.

Good luck w/your bookings :)
Crikey - that's some amazing sandcastle building going on.

Who's your mate in the last photo?
Those castles are amazing!

But the sea will probably kill them.
I don't think I could bring myself to work so hard on something that could get blown away by one bad wind.

Then again - what in this universe is immune?
wow those sand sculptures are amazing. i am related to edison actually. an ellis island mix up tho made my grandmother's maiden name edson.
Very nice, Bud. The sculptures are amazing, but it makes me a little sad to think how temporary they are. I think by comparison you must be proud to leave behind your music, which is a little more lasting contribution.
i'm listening to a cold wind... as leonard said, new york is cold, but, i like where i'm living...

still, those sand scuptures, the water, the idea of a nice holiday with a loved one.

and both of you wearing bubu shirts.

can it get any better?
Wow.. amazing sand statues. I'm amazed at the details. How do you book gigs, by the way? Do you send demo tapes to the Manager? Do you have connections?
Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip! There's a sand sculpturist at the beach where I spent all my childhood vacations, and still visit now and then today. I'm always amazed at the intricacy and beauty of the whole thing, and awed by how fleeting it is. Glad you had this break!
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