Friday, February 23, 2007

Boycott Gossip and Bad Weather

What if everybody signed a pledge to never click on a link regarding celebrity gossip again? How long would it take for it to go away altogether? Would it force people like Paris to buy full page national ads or airtime to announce that she rode pantsless on the NY Subway? Would it reduce Britney to doing ads for Yaz? Would Anna Nicole have to come from back from the dead to insist that the Miami Dolphins are all the fathers of her baby? Would paparazzi have to get jobs taking passport photos? Would supermarket tabloids have to start making up outrageous stories about your neighbors? Just a thought.

Tonight starts a 10 day stretch of six gigs, only 18 guitar lessons and a recording session or two. There are other things in there like sleeping, eating, entertaining company, visiting friends and of course yoga and workout. Might be some drive by blogging in there.

If you live where it's snowing or too cold to go outside, I encourage you to call in sick. If you live in warm sunny places like I do, I urge you to invite somebody from up north to stay with you for a weekend. If weather is not an issue for you, carry on. Have a splendid weekend, everyone.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Reddish Shade of Green

We made a deal on a Toyota Prius Hybrid. I figured I was a year away from this but I got home from my on the road guitar lessons yesterday and Cathy said she made an appointment to go look at a Prius at a nearby dealer. I have learned that when she gets into one of these buying moves, it's usually wise to jump on it. That's how I wound up with so many cool guitars and associated equipment. All of which fit in the car.

The vehicle speaks for itself. It uses less than half the fuel than what I'm driving. The planet is sick and I'm doing my part. Screw the styling and screw the expense. This is the most dramatic thing I can do. I've already mostly switched to those light bulbs with the swirly things inside. I recycle everything I can. I only use the AC when it's really necessary. I ride my bike a lot. We belong to the Sierra club. We eat mostly organic food. Just call me Mr. Friggin' Green.

But the car is red. I have a thing for red cars. When I was a kid in Philly all fire trucks and cop cars were red. Not that I aspired to be in law enforcement. I did like to play with fire however. I just thought it was cool when more and more people started to buy red cars. My first car and my last three are all red. A lot of boring colors in between.

Another insane week. I should get out of retirement and get a full time job so I wouldn't be so busy. It's killing me but what a way to go.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Creative Maladies

Having a bout of can't-get-started-on-anything-blues. Closely associated with guitarphobia and an unnatural aversion to computer recording software--or audiogeekaphobia. I know it's only temporary. I hope it's of the 24 hour variety. But if that is the case, I'm getting these daily relapses of it.

Lot of guitar students this week to distract me even further. This is a good thing, though. What better excuse is there to avoid something than education?

I've been battling tendonitis in my left arm. Luckily I have a student who is a massage therapist. We trade services. I'm looking for a student who is just filthy rich so we can trade my service for too much cash.

I don't ask for much here in blogland but I sure could use a creative kick in the ass.

Okay, I won't say "Happy Monday" because I know how irritating that is to some of you. Have a good week, though.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Other Things That Keep Me From Blogging

Aside from life in general, you know the part where you have to work, relate to your loved ones and take care of personal health and hygiene, there are a few things that discourage me from blogging.

The biggest is actually the smallest. I hate the Blogger verification thing in the comments. I hate it enough to blow it up. Those twisted font word jumbles that I NEVER type right the first time are more annoying than a mosquito in the ear. Late at night. When you have to get up early. To blog before your day really begins.

Somebody tell me what you gain from annoying your readers, please. I've gotten about five spam comments in two and a half years of blogging. What's the big deal? My Gmail box gets over a hundred pieces of spam a day. I promise to never include that on my blog.

I would have far more time to read and comment even the blogs that could be easily edited down to three short paragraphs, if I didn't have to deal with the typing quiz. A quiz designed to make me fail. I promise to keep my posts short. Even if I have to write in installments

I was forced to switch to the new Blogger even though I'm not assured that it won't screw me up on my Mac. I was going to promise to switch when I get assurance from Mac users that it works seamlessly. Something tells me I just found a new reason not to blog.

I hope your weekend is going well. I promise mine is.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dignified Monday?

Coming off of a long string of gigs and I wake up not sure what day it is. Think what that's like for road musicians and you add in the geographic factor as well. That is, what day, what town, which time zone? Who the hell is this in my bed? I ingested WHAT last night? None of that's ever a problem for me. A stay at home, local musician.

But these thoughts were running through my head Sunday morning as I was folding my laundry. I realized, I've almost always done my own laundry since I was about 17. And there are people of privilege who have NEVER done their own laundry. And by privilege I mean either of wealth or of male chauvinism.

When I'm exceptionally busy or tired or both I can put basic household chores off indefinitely. I'm not a confirmed procrastinator. Just a survival procrastinator. A technique I use to break that cycle is to remind myself that there is dignity in all work. I've always believed that but I haven't had to work construction since I was about 21 and still in college. I imagine it's hard to feel dignified shoveling asphalt or putting on a roof in extreme temperatures. So in all honesty, I have to admit I have a blue collar attitude about work but only if I don't have to work with a shovel or a hammer. Or other implements of self destruction.

So I'm cleaning the lint out of the drier and vocalizing this theory to Cathy about dignity in doing one's own laundry, just to make myself feel more enthused about an otherwise pain in the ass job. "Oh," she cracks, "if you really want to feel dignified, I have a whole hamper full of dignity you can take care of for me."

Okay, so in expanding my list of work I would not like to do, I'll add other people's laundry. I also have to admit that septic tank cleaning would rank high on that list. I'm reminded of that by a startling business logo I saw on the back of a septic truck. It said, "We'll take your crap." I wonder if that guy parks his truck by his house or if he has that logo emblazoned on his work shirts. I wonder how he deals with Career Day at his kids' elementary school. "There is dignity in work," he probably tells them. "I suck out septic tanks and I'm proud of it."

I've been accused, rightfully so, of not understanding how most of you feel about Mondays. Because I retired from teaching. But I always thought it was Sundays that sucked because that was the day I corrected tests and got ready for the week. That used to include Saturdays too and that was a bone of contention with my first wife who listed it among other imagined things in the divorce papers. It's easy to forget how hard a job was when you aren't doing it anymore. So I didn't love Mondays but I didn't dread them either. But to those of you who still do, I'm sorry if I've seemed insensitive in the past. Try to get through it by thinking that tomorrow is Tuesday, one day closer to Friday. Have a good week, everybody.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

No Damage Here

I suppose I should let everybody out there know that we are all fine here in SW Florida. The tornados were at least two and a half hours away from here. Gigs are going well this week. Two to go and then a very busy Sunday to Tuesday with social stuff and lessons to teach. Sorry I've been so unproductive in Blogland. I do what i can. I'll visit.
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